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Dan Shaughnessy

Patriots earn Super Bowl rematch with the Giants

Quarterback TomBrady scored on a 1-yard plunge in the fourth quarter to give the Patriots the lead for good.

Stan Grosfeld/Globe Staff

Now they are back in the big game, which means a chance for redemption and immortality for Belichick and Brady, who have never fully recovered from Super Bowl XLII.

Like their team, Patriots fans survive

The AFC title game had the fatalism of being a Boston sports fan butting up against the confidence built from a decade of unprecedented success and against-the-wall miracles.

// Mitt Romney laboring to regain advantage

Romney began recalibrating his campaign yesterday with sharper attacks on Newt Gingrich and a pledge to quickly release some tax returns.

Military shift may shield N.E. jobs

A new emphasis on air and naval power that President Obama is expected to advocate in his State of the Union could soften the blow of defense cuts on New England companies and labs.

Mass. firms see riches, jobs in charting oceans of data

The state is home to more than 100 companies that focus on what is known as “big data’’ - the ability to quickly dissect and understand a flood of information.

Black community aims to block 3-strikes bill

Black leaders fear the Mass. bill could mean that people, a disproportionate number of them African-Americans, could spend a lifetime in jail for offenses that don’t warrant such punishment.