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Patrick seeks job cuts, new school aid

The budget plan released by Governor Patrick would eliminate 400 executive branch jobs and close a prison in Norfolk, but would also boost state aid to local schools and community colleges.

In Fla., donations to Gingrich erase Romney’s edge

A casino magnate and his wife - who have each given $5 million to assist Newt Gingrich - provide the most graphic example yet of how wealthy individuals can influence political campaigns.

A big Delahunt footprint in Keating’s new district

Those familiar with US Representative William R. Keating and William D. Delahunt, his predecessor, say the bad blood between them is as acute as it is long-running.

Kayana Szymczak for the Boston Globe

Tight market for Boston apartment hunters

Rents in the Boston area hit record highs in the last quarter of 2011, pushed up by increased demand and declining inventory, maintaining its reputation as one of the country’s most expensive places to live. Average monthly rents in the metropolitan Boston area, loosely defined as within Interstate 495, jumped to $1,686 between October and December, compared with $1,649 during the same period the previous year and $1,600 in 2009.

Iraq war’s end bring new grief to mother who lost son

When the last American troops left Iraq in December, the war began anew for Nancy Chamberlain, whose son was one of the conflict’s first US casualties.