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Bay State wary of Air Force base cuts

State and congressional leaders are bracing for a battle over a Pentagon plan to strip aircraft from one Air Force base in Western Mass. and possibly cut personnel at another.

Obama takes aim at soaring college costs

President Obama is pushing his multipronged college affordability plan in the midst of his campaign for reelection.

Gay marriage a state-by-state tussle

As a federal appeals court revived gay marriage in California this week, New Hampshire legislators remained poised to go the other direction and at least two other New England states were re-evaluating their positions on gay marriage. New Hampshire legislators are set to vote in coming weeks on a measure to repeal gay marriage while Maine activists are seeking a voter referendum allowing gay marriage and Rhode Island advocates plan to introduce legislation to allow gay marriages.

Fifty police officers were injured and at least 55 protesters were hospitalized during rioting in Athens yesterday.


Greece accepts austerity plan amid protests

As hooded youths torched buildings, looted shops, and battled police in the streets of Athens yesterday, lawmakers approved a tough austerity package that is expected to help Greece avoid default. Out of the 300members of Parliament, 199 voted yes, 74 voted no, five voted present while 22 were absent. Lawmakers accepted the plan after Greece’s s foreign lenders had demanded the measures in exchange for about $170 billion in bailout money.

Jackie Fraser-Swan  in her Newbury Street atelier. Her designs (sample, right) will be on a Lincoln Center runway.

A fast track to Fashion Week runways for local designer

Tomorrow night in New York, East Bridgewater’s Jackie Fraser-Swan will show her collection at one of Fashion Week’s most prestigious venues, Lincoln Center.