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Dolphin strandings remain a mystery

Vincent DeWitt for the Boston Globe

Researchers are gathering a mountain of data on the 178 dolphins, but the reason for their strandings on Cape Cod remains a mystery.

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Risking union ire, Romney slams Santorum’s labor votes

Mitt Romney is attacking Rick Santorum for his “unapologetic defense of big labor,’’ as part of a new attempt to paint his rival as beholden to a powerful Democratic ally. Romney is seizing on votes Santorum took in the Senate against national right-to-work legislation and in support of the Davis-Bacon Act. While labor is a traditional target of Republican criticism, the attacks carry some risk in Michigan, where Romney is trying to broaden his support to blue-collar voters. About 17.5 percent of all of Michigan’s workers are union members.

Emotional start for trial in deaths of 4

The Mattapan trial began yesterday with a preview of legal strategies and emotional arguments that drove the victims’ relatives to flee the courtroom, sobbing.

Jeremy Lin has become an NBA sensation while helping lead the Knicks to seven straight wins.

Jeremy Lin: From Harvard to NBA stardom

Undrafted two years ago, despite being the best Ivy League player, the Chinese-American Lin has become a global idol.

MIT President Susan Hockfield

MIT president Susan Hockfield to step down

Hockfield said she felt MIT would be best served by a new leader as it embarks on a major fund-raising campaign.