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Walpole company’s anonymity software aids illicit deals

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Tor Project Inc. is inadvertently providing child pornographers, drug dealers, and other criminals around the world with software that allows them to remain anonymous on the Internet.

Syrup makers toil this winter

Record winter temperatures are wreaking havoc with maple tree systems, forcing syrup producers to tap trunks early to catch the best, most sugary sap.

Romney and Netanyahu enjoy a longstanding friendship

The little known relationship between Benjamin Netanyahu and Mitt Romney has resulted in an unusually frank exchange of advice and insights on topics like politics and the Middle East.

Santorum’s faith isn’t driving vote of Catholics

Rick Santorum is a proud traditional Catholic, but has not had a significant victory among Catholic voters in states where exit polls have been taken.

// Mattapan witness says he survived by playing dead

Marcus Hurd testified Wednesday in Suffolk Superior Court, corroborating much of the testimony from the murder trial’s key prosecution witness.