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Low rivers and lack of rain raise summer drought fears

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

At a time when rivers and streams throughout the region usually crest and the soil is often saturated, much of the state is bone-dry and many rivers are at record lows.

 Students arrived at Silver Lake Regional High School Friday for the junior prom. School officials decided to have the event as planned, despite the fact that earlier, four students were injured in a crash with a school bus

A bittersweet night for the prom

Silver Lake Regional High School held its prom Friday night despite a morning car crash that sent four students and the bus driver to Massachusetts hospitals.

NStar agrees to top dollar deal with Cape Wind

The deal will add about $1 to customers’ monthly bills in the first year the offshore wind farm generates electricity, the contract states.

Romney-tied PAC has taste for secrecy

The Restore Our Future super PAC has twice accepted big contributions from corporate entities that obscure the actual source of the money.

Victoria Kennedy, widow of Senator Edward M. Kennedy, attended the Boston University commencement ceremony last year.

Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff

Bowing to bishop, college cancels Kennedy speech

A small Catholic college that had invited Victoria Reggie Kennedy to speak at its spring commencement rescinded the offer under pressure from the Worcester bishop.