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Judge challenges review of his rulings

Judge Raymond G. Dougan, under investigation for alleged bias, is asking the state’s highest court to prevent questions about how he reached individual decisions.

A social media tip line for police

The Boston Police Department’s large Twitter fan base and text-a-tip program have contributed to a rapid increase in crime-solving tips.

Democrats take aim at Romney on outsourcing

President Obama and top Democrats hope to undermine Mitt Romney’s support among blue collar workers by launching an offensive in key states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio.

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Dan Shaughnessy

Last year’s Red Sox echo in Opening Day loss

Jonathan Papelbon was in Pittsburgh, setting down the Pirates 1-2-3 in the bottom of the ninth to preserve a 1-0 victory for the Phillies. Theo Epstein was in Chicago, where the local tabloid had a cover shot of him walking across Lake Michigan. J.D. Drew no doubt was counting his money after another grueling day of hunting in Georgia. Terry Francona was in a broadcast booth at Comerica Park, happy he didn’t have to take questions from the Boston media after another excruciating loss.

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Fire adds to Brimfield’s string of misfortunes

A 52-acre brush fire was the latest in a list of calamities — including a tornado, hurricane, flooding, and a snowstorm — to hit Brimfield over the past year.