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Santorum moves fuel predictions he will exit

Rick Santorum scheduled no public events in his home state of Pennsylvania over the weekend, adding to speculation he might drop out of the GOP primary race.

US economy adds jobs, but at modest rate

The US added 120,000 jobs in March, a slow rate of expansion that has economists and business officials worried about the strength of the recovery.

Lynch reverses field on Afghan mission

Frustrated by a lack of progress, Rep. Stephen F. Lynch is calling on the Obama administration to speed up the US withdrawal by at least a year.


Roman statue of Juno settles in at the MFA

Graceful, austere, and, at 13 feet, the tallest classical statue in the US, Juno will soon accept visitors at the Museum of Fine Arts.

After Trayvon Martin, it’s time for ‘the talk’

The shooting death of the Florida teenager is prompting some black parents to talk with their sons about “proper’’ carriage in the presence of authority figures.