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Medford housing chief faces scrutiny over hirings

Robert Covelle allegedly demoted an employee to create a $53,000-a-year job for his bocce teammate, and hired his son’s girlfriend to decorate an office.

Advocates seeking more Boston charter schools

Boston charter school operators and advocates are urging state education officials to lift a moratorium on new charter schools in the city.

Scientist’s death halts unique research at UMass

The circumstances of Lynn Margulis’s career and death provide a window on just how difficult the passing of a working scientist can be for a research university.

President Obama spoke at the Holocaust Museum in Washington on Monday, but the president has visited New Hampshire twice in the last five months. Mitt Romney campaigned in Pennsylvania on Monday, but the former Massachusetts governor will be in New Hampshire on Tuesday for a speech and victory party.


N.H. could be decisive battleground

Mitt Romney will return on Tuesday night to the state where, nearly 11 months ago, he announced his presidential campaign. He’s now all-but-the victor in the Republican primary contest, and has a different goal in his sights: capturing New Hampshire in his quest to win the White House. The Granite State, although it only has four electoral votes available in November, is increasingly being targeted by both parties as a state that could play a big role in a tight election.

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This ATM in Boston delivers audio prompts via a headphone jack and works properly.

Survey faults ATMs for the blind in Boston

Many Boston area ATMs cannot be used by people who are blind, despite federal rules that went into effect last month requiring more accessibility.