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Yvonne Abraham

A look at how far we’ve come on race — and yet must go

Boston College alum Mark Dullea wants his alma mater’s transgressions against its first black football player — and its own values — made right.

Shale gas boom has benefits and risks

A proposal to expand a major local pipeline has sparked a debate pitting economics against environment, industry against community, and sometimes neighbor against neighbor.

Dina Rudick/Globe Staff

Part 1

Use of antipsychotic drugs raises alarm

A Boston Globe investigation found that roughly 185,000 US nursing home residents received antipsychotic drugs in 2010 contrary to government recommendations, often to control agitation and combative behavior among those with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias. The drugs, which are intended to treat severe mental illness, can leave people in a stupor. And the US Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings about potentially fatal side effects when antipsychotics are taken by patients with dementia.

Music is now a lifeline for ailing opera singer

Illness has derailed Quincy-born Barbara Quintiliani’s promising career, forcing her to miss months of performances. That’s why her upcoming gig is so important.