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Medford housing director placed on unpaid leave

The housing authority’s board gave Robert Covelle an unpaid two-week leave of absence amid state and federal investigations into hiring and contracting at the agency.

Luis Guaman was escorted in handcuffs to court Monday in Cuenca, Ecuador.


Ecuadoran judges convict fugitive in Brockton slayings

Three Ecuadoran judges convicted Luis Guaman, a fugitive from Mass., in the slayings of a mother and her 2-year-old son in Brockton last year.

John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Poor reception plagues tech hotbed Kendall Square

Many who work in Kendall say reception is so weak in some places, spotty in others, that dropped signals, failed calls, and stalled e-mails are frequent problems.

Elizabeth Warren was key in asbestos case

In a 2009 Supreme Court appearance, Warren, who has gained fame for defending consumers against big business, worked on behalf of Travelers, the nation’s largest insurer.

Many conservatives are hoping Mitt Romney will pick a staunch social and economic conservative as his vice presidential nominee, as a sign that he will not abandon conservative principles as he refocuses on swing voters and the general election.

Mitt Romney striving to win over the right

Even as Romney begins courting moderates and independents, his campaign is still working to gain support from conservatives who have yet to fully embrace him.