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Obama lays out strategy for exiting Afghanistan

President Obama greeted and thanked US troops in Kabul on the anniversary of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

President Obama signed a deal outlining the withdrawal of US combat troops but affirming a continuing commitment to the country.

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Two bodies found behind Saugus school

A 54-year-old Lynn woman was named as one of two women found behind an elementary school in a double killing that unnerved residents.

Mitt Romney mum on how to regulate big banks

If elected, Romney is pledging to repeal the Dodd-Frank financial regulations, but he hasn’t said how he would regulate Wall Street to prevent another financial crisis.

Second Brown committee lures financial sector funds

US Senator Scott Brown, who played a critical role in the battle over the 2010 financial regulatory overhaul, has used a joint fundraising committee to collect $2.9 million in political donations, nearly half of which came from the nation’s financial sector. A Globe analysis of the money raised by this committee, which was launched without fanfare last March, reveals that this sector’s deep reservoir of support for the Republican senator extends far beyond the contributions made to his campaign committee.

Restaurateur finds big success with small details

Boston restaurant impresario Ed Kane, Inc. Magazine’s fourth-fastest growing private business owner in the US, has become a case study for how to beat the odds.