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Harvard, MIT to partner in $60m initiative on free online classes

The Harvard-MIT move instantly made the schools preeminent players in the burgeoning worldwide online education sector.

Housing chief’s removal sought

Medford officials called on housing chief Robert Covelle to resign after new revelations emerged regarding favoritism in hiring and contracting at the agency.

Sex assault case haunts gambling director

The family of an alleged sexual assault victim was enraged when Carl Stanley McGee’s former boss said McGee was a victim of a “false accusation” in the 2007 encounter.

Essdras M Suarez/Globe staff

Yvonne Abraham

Strangers rescued residents of burning Malden building

MALDEN - When Shakespeare wrote that some people have greatness thrust upon them, he might not have imagined that it could someday happen on a Malden side street, during an argument with a 13-year-old. But there, on Friday morning, the mundane quickly gave way to the heroic.

Junior Seau, 1969-2012

NFL stunned by Junior Seau’s death

The league, beset by deaths of players with brain trauma, must now hunt for answers after Seau died in what police said was likely a suicide.