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Red Sox sellout streak proves to be a real numbers game

YOON S. BYUN/Globe Staff

The Sox embrace a definition of “sellout” that permits them to declare a game sold out even if hundreds of tickets go unsold but others are distributed for free.

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State GOP prepares for center stage at convention

The hotel they’ve been assigned to is gleaming, with a sweeping waterfront view of Tampa Bay. The parties they’ll throw are already in more demand, and they’re expected to get a prime spot on the floor of the convention. It’s a dramatic turn in the fortunes for a small band of Massachusetts Republicans who are heading to Tampa this August for the Republican National Convention. A group that is normally the outcasts - powerless in their home state, and out-of-step with many in the national Republican Party - is now being treated as the kings of the court, by virtue of their connection to presumptive nominee Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney’s plan may undercut Mass. law

A proposal by Romney to curtail Medicaid spending would dramatically undercut the way the state health care overhaul law has achieved near universal coverage.

Proposed rules aim to reduce commercial food waste in Mass.

Environmental officials are preparing to ban big businesses and institutions in Massachusetts from discarding food waste in the trash beginning in 2014.

UMass Medical School quietly gaining star quality

A hiring spree at the Worcester campus will add 100 faculty to fill a $400 million biomedical research building set to open this year.