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Gambling panel didn’t delve into abuse case

The chairman of the state’s gambling commission relied on news reports to vet interim executive director Carl Stanley McGee, who faced sexual assault charges in 2007.

President Obama’s reelection committee has also made significant investments in swing-state party committees as part of a strategy that will put a premium on the fall get-out-the-vote ground game.

Democrats doubling down on swing states

Democrats have already poured almost $25 million into key states where the get-out-the-vote ground game could tip the Electoral College in a potentially tight contest.

Growing demand for spiritual directors

In Massachusetts, as across the nation, spiritual directors have found more people are seeking counsel and solace outside of the church's walls.

Though Trinidad Ramkissoon still considers himself to be a member of his ‘‘second family,’’ he has spent the past couple of years distancing himself from the world gangs represent.

A second act for a boy named Trinidad

Two paths diverged in his Cambridge neighborhood — the gang and the stage — and Trinidad Ramkissoon chose both. But now he is following the footlights toward safety.

Lombardo’s chandelier still a prom tradition

For generations of teens south of Boston, this time of year means striking a pose in front of the three-story twinkling light at the Randolph function hall.