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The Celtics are widely perceived as gritty and the embodiment of team spirit.

Dan Shaughnessy

Celtics giving their all, as Fenway draws boobirds

While the Celtics have been the embodiment of team spirit in the NBA playoffs, Josh Beckett and the Red Sox have a huge image problem.

Girl named Grace a gift to family, science

With the help of Boston scientists, one family turned the unthinkable into a future ruled by hope.

// Between Brown, Romney, support but little chemistry

As Senator Brown’s star has risen as a moderate, and Mitt Romney has worked hard to court the GOP base in his presidential bid, their paths have diverged.

Dawn rose on their adventure, then disaster hit

Police and fire crews examined the scene of a minivan crash near Taupo, New Zealand, in which three Boston University students died.


The promising lives of BU students Roch Jauberty, Daniela Lekhno, and Austin Brashears were cut short in an early-morning crash on their way to a popular New Zealand hiking site.