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Court warns on jurors’ Web use

The Massachusetts Appeals Court has called on judges to better police jurors’ use of social media to make sure they do not discuss cases online, and thus risk a mistrial.

Massachusetts cuts county jails’ HIV programs

The state has eliminated more than $1 million for HIV testing and education in county jails, alarming sheriffs who fear the cuts threaten inmates’ health.

 Last month, MIT professor Amy Finkelstein became the third woman in the last five years to gain the American Economic Association’s John Bates Clark Medal, which recognizes the top US economist under 40.

Women making gains in economics, but progress is slow

Just one-third of PhD economists today are women, a percentage that has changed little since 1995, according to the American Economic Association.

Erik Jacobs for the Boston Globe

Newcomer’s efforts boost Black Heritage Trail’s profile

Cassius Cash is the new superintendent of two of Boston’s national parks, the Boston National Historical Park, which includes some of the sites on the Freedom Trail, and Boston African American National Historic Site which includes the Black Heritage Trail. As a newcomer to Boston he took it upon himself to elevate the profile of the city’s Black Heritage Trail, giving it equal prominence to the Freedom Trail.

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More college presidents hail from outside academia

Twenty percent of college presidents in the US now come from fields outside academia, a sharp increase from 13 percent just six years ago, according to a survey.