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After fall, Mass. insurers’ auto rates up again

Auto insurance rates, which tumbled after Massachusetts opened the state to more competition four years ago, are marching steadily upward again.

// Roxbury college under federal scrutiny for crime data

Officials are auditing Roxbury Community College for suspected lapses in its reporting of crimes committed on campus — the latest in a series of controversies for president Terrence Gomes.

House quietly acts to reassign Chelsea court

The Mass. House leadership used a late-night budget amendment to place the Chelsea District Court under the auspices of Boston Municipal Court, long a target of patronage charges.

Pesident Obama’s reelection team unveiled its first ad Monday attacking Romney’s business record, using laid-off steel workers in Missouri to paint Mitt Romney as a callous “vampire’’ and “job destroyer’’ who is out of touch with the average working person.

President Obama strikes at Mitt Romney on jobs

The Obama campaign unveiled its first ad attacking Romney’s business record, in an attempt to turn the former Bain Capital chief executive’s credentials into a liability.