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Patrick pushes health care cost controls

Governor Deval Patrick said Tuesday he is confident that health care cost increases can be slowed to no more than the annual growth of the Massachusetts economy without harming the hospitals and doctors that make up the state’s dominant industry. Speaking to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, Patrick did not explicitly put his support behind either of the two cost-containment bills now being debated in the Legislature. However, he said he likely would not support anything that allowed health spending to continue to grow more quickly than the gross state product, a measure of economic activity.

Banking sector puts its money on Mitt Romney

Campaign finance records show that the top five donor groups in Mitt Romney’s campaign are individuals and political actions committees associated with large financial institutions, led by Wall Street giants Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase. By contrast, Obama’s top five contributor groups include individuals and PACs affiliated with high technology giants Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp., and two global law firms. Four years ago, Obama enjoyed significant support from individuals and PACs associated with big banks.

One wind turbine in Falmouth will be turned off, officials said, while the other will continue to operate during the day.

State wants turbine shut over noise

Officials have recommended shutting down a Falmouth wind turbine because of elevated noise levels that they described as unacceptable to local residents.

Work to fix the 1930s Sagamore Bridge has caused delays for drivers like these trying to get off the Cape on Tuesday.


Sagamore Bridge work frays tempers, hurts shops

Repairs to the aging Sagamore Bridge throughout the spring have slowed traffic leaving Cape Cod to a crawl most nights and backed it up for miles on Sundays, culminating in a Mother’s Day morass when the stalled line of cars stretched past multiple exits on Route 6 and triggered all-day gridlock on nearby 6A. Officials said the work, to repair and replace many steel elements, is necessary to extend the life of the nearly 80-year-old Sagamore and will wind down before May 24.

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Curt Schilling moved his 38 Studios LLC from Maynard to Providence last year after Rhode Island officials offered him $75 million in loan guarantees.

R.I. races to save Curt Schilling’s company

Officials are scrambling to save the state’s $75 million investment in the former Red Sox pitcher’s video game company, 38 Studios.