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Medford Housing executive resigning under fire

Robert Covelle’s exit comes one year after allegations of widespread favoritism in hiring and contracting under his leadership.

Rafael Reif

MIT taps provost Reif as university president

L. Rafael Reif, the school’s provost, takes over from Susan Hockfield, who announced three months ago that she would step down.

‘Battleship’ movie, tie-ins are taking Hasbro far

The Rhode Island company has gone Hollywood, signing up Rihanna, Jay-Z, and other flashy partners to sell the big-budget movie version of its board game Battleship.


Implant translates brain signals into movement

On Wednesday, a team led by scientists from the US Department of Veterans Affairs in Providence and Brown University revealed that two patients had been able to use their minds to control a robotic hand, successfully touching and grasping objects in repeated trials. The feat, reported in the journal Nature, was part of an ongoing clinical trial of the BrainGate, an experimental, pill-sized device covered in electrodes that is implanted in the brain to read brain cells’ activity.

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// Schilling asks for more aid in R.I.; governor skeptical

Curt Schilling met Wednesday with Rhode Island officials concerned about the state’s $75 million investment in his company.

Study questions effect of ‘good’ cholesterol on cardiac health

Raising levels of “good’’ cholesterol may not be so good for you after all. A study published Wednesday by Boston-area scientists challenges the long-held idea that HDL cholesterol actively protects against heart disease, finding that people with genes that boosted their HDL did not have a lowered risk of heart attacks. The study appearing in the medical journal The Lancet examined the health of more than 100,000 people, some of them with genetic variations that elevated their levels of HDL.