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Hospitals mobilize on health cost bill

Massachusetts hospitals last year spent more than any other sector on lobbying politicians, reflecting the industry’s size and also the high stakes.

Senator Scott Brown is shown meeting with Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell. But Brown is also known for reaching across the aisle.

Brown’s high hopes ran into Senate reality

Senator Scott Brown has discovered that his considerable political charms have not always helped him navigate a clubby Senate chamber.

// Museum of Fine Arts receives massive gift from trustee

The museum announced it had received a gift of 6,000 photographs, 100 works on paper, and 25 paintings from Saundra Lane, longtime friend of the MFA.

A Boston College star will enter the Jesuit novitiate

Dan Kennedy will graduate from Boston College on Monday summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and the recipient of the school’s most prestigious prize, the Finnegan Award. Finnegan winners tend to go big - a top grad school, Wall Street, an overseas fellowship. Kennedy is planning to give away his computer, recycle his Blackberry, and move to a modest communal house in St. Paul, Minn. He will get $80 a month for incidentals. He will have no romantic relationships. He will go where his superiors ask, and do what they ask him to do. If all goes well, Kennedy - “Dan-o’’ to his friends - can hope to be ordained a Jesuit priest in 2024.

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Globe 100

Mass. business is bouncing back

Globe Business editor Shirley Leung

By Shirley Leung

For the first time since 2009, the Globe 100 features 100 companies. A strange milestone, but the Great Recession robbed many of the chance to make our list.

No. 1 consumer company

TJX keeps up discounting dominance

Carol Meyrowitz, president and CEO of TJX Cos.

By Jenn Abelson

The Framingham powerhouse rode soaring sales and big profits to the top.

No. 1 telecom company

IPG burns bright

IPG Photonics CEO Valentin Gapontsev.

By Hiawatha Bray

The Oxford-based maker of optical fiber lasers saw increased demand from heavy manufacturers.

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Sapient back on top

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Momenta: The perfect Massachusetts success story

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Parametric: Maker of the connected fridge, and other wonders

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No. 1 medical device company

Covidien turns medical devices into cash

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No. 1 finance company

Eaton Vance: Rising tall in a tough year

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No. 1 real estate company

Boston Properties: A towering presence

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No. 1 industrial company

Altra: A manufacturer in motion

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Amazon strength for small firms

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Innovators | Clean tech

The machine that makes recycling a game

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Innovators | Technology

Digital lifeline for developing nations

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Innovators | Education

A health champion and his school without junk food

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A higher vision for the O.R.

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Innovators | Nonprofits

From tragedy, community

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The go-to guy for the next big thing

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Innovators | Medical devices

His bionic ankle helps others walk

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The supercharged heart of the electric automobile

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To save a child’s sight

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The most innovative people in Massachusetts

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Innovators | Medicine

A new standard for rehab

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An incubator with a social conscience

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The joys, pains of running post-IPO companies

Globe 100 | Overview

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