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Mitt Romney proposes overhaul of US education system

Romney proposed revamping the funding formulas and encouraging more charter schools.

Children’s disability program lags on reviews, report says

Officials overseeing a $10 billion program failed to follow up on 400,000 beneficiaries, allowing families to receive cash for years, a draft report said.

Ex-convicts in Massachusetts still face tough sell in job market

The fortunes of former convicts seeking employment have changed little since the passage of a 2010 law that overhauled the state’s criminal records system.

Paul Pierce

Jim Davis/Globe Staff

76ers 82, Celtics 75

Celtics can’t finish off Sixers

The Celtics shot poorly but somehow stayed in contention until the final minutes. Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals is Saturday.

Aiden Lynch, 8, of Arlington, got set for his test run in Stoneham last weekend.

Excitement building in soap box racers’ world

Your daddy’s Oldsmobile may be out of production, but your grandfather’s motorless soap box car still pokes along - especially in Arlington.

Boston immigration lawyer's clients face deportation

John K. Dvorak’s Massachusetts law license was suspended following federal sanctions for failing to provide accurate information in visa applications.