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Springfield neighborhood still reels a year after deadly tornado


Lower-income areas lack the resources to rebuild from the most destructive tornado to hit New England in 60 years.

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Satellite dishes dotted a house on Saratoga Street.

Boston looks to curb clutter of satellite dishes

A proposal calls for removal of all obsolete dishes, and placing new dishes on roofs, in the rear, or on the sides of buildings.

Appeals court rules against Defense of Marriage Act

In a groundbreaking ruling on gay rights, the court struck down the heart of a federal act that defines marriage as a union solely of a man and a woman.

Warren camp seeks to ease concerns over ancestry questions

In an e-mail to supporters, Elizabeth Warren sought to explain why she couldn’t back up claims about her ancestry and tried to rally her base.

Brian McGrory

Warren: ‘I won’t deny who I am’

Elizabeth Warren conceded for the first time Thursday that she is worried about how the issue of her self-identification as a Native American has overwhelmed the campaign.