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Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley laments discord on nuns

Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley, the Catholic archbishop of Boston, said he is worried and saddened over the perception the church is inhospitable to women.

Massachusetts life sciences initiative brings fewer jobs than expected

The $1 billion program has brought new companies and jobs — but not as many as Governor Deval Patrick anticipated.

Researchers put selves under the microscope

A growing cadre of scientists are taking advantage of faster and cheaper technologies to monitor aspects of their behavior and biology in unprecedented detail.


Surging MBTA ridership could overwhelm system, report warns

By the end of the decade, Boston’s subways could grow so packed that they would roll past waiting commuters, unable to accommodate more riders, a new report from a leading land-use think tank warns. Surging T ridership and booming construction around transit stations, the study from the Urban Land Institute found, are poised to overwhelm the MBTA, potentially limiting future development and slowing the regional economy. The report, scheduled for release Thursday, injects additional urgency to the T’s financial crisis.

Yvonne Abraham

In Wellesley High’s you’re-not-special speech, larger truths

The slap-down part of the commencement speech speaks to a popular view of kids today — that they’re coddled and overpraised.