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Lawmakers targeted in probation inquiry

Federal prosecutors investigating the scandal-plagued Probation Department are focusing on Democratic legislators who may have benefited from the agency’s allegedly rigged hiring system, including House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo. Prosecutors have subpoenaed several lawmakers to testify before the secret grand jury, including the lawmaker that DeLeo defeated to become speaker in 2009. Representative John Rogers’ backers suspect former Probation Commissioner John J.O’Brien helped DeLeo win by giving jobs to people close to legislators backing DeLeo, a charge both men deny.

The house at the left was built in 1867 and is listed at $2.35 million. It includes a three-family house on a separate parcel.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe staff

South Boston’s elegant, storied mansions up for sale

Longtime residents worry the only people who can afford the two estates in Southie are developers who will tear them down and build condominiums.

“The addictive lure is believing that if you just play long enough you will win,” said Deborah Greenslit.

Joel Page for The Boston Globe

Jackpot fueled therapist’s gambling addiction

The date is stamped in Deborah Greenslit’s mind: May 19, 2010. She was at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT, playing the slots. She’d spent $36 and the last time she pulled the lever, she hit the jackpot: $752,000. Two years later, there is nothing left; much of it went back into the slots. It’s not an uncommon story, but in Greenslit’s case, the irony is striking. She’s a therapist who has spent her career helping people with anxiety and addictions.

Health cost bill may not attack key problem

As legislative leaders close in on a major health cost-control bill, key efforts to attack one of the most cited reasons for rising medical spending — the market power of caregivers that demand high prices for their services — appear to be in jeopardy. In a 2010 report, Attorney General Martha Coakley blamed the leverage of the best-paid providers as a main driver of health costs. Legislators, too, believed that provider market clout might be driving up premiums for small businesses.