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Mass. board was lenient on drug maker

While regulators took harsh steps with many other pharmacists, they repeatedly failed to discipline the Framingham pharmacy now blamed for a deadly fungal meningitis outbreak.

Elizabeth Warren and Bruce Mann enjoyed a break from walking Otis at Fresh Pond.

Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff

Family long a bedrock for Elizabeth Warren

As the Senate candidate pursued her increas­ingly ambitious career, she was steadied by the support of family and the grace of second chances.

A couple voted Wednesday in Iowa, where early ballots are likely to set a state record as campaigns try to lock in votes.


President Obama, Mitt Romney wooing early voters

More than 6.5 million Americans have already cast ballots for president, as the Obama and Romney campaigns push aggressively to lock in votes ahead of Election Day. As it did four years ago, the Obama camp is using early voting as a key part of its path to victory, and is nudging, even transporting, supporters to the polls. The Romney campaign, learning from Republican mistakes in 2008, is hoping not to cede any ground.

Kendall Square boom times squeeze out start-ups

Raj Aggarwal is leaving Kendall Square. After three years spent building his tech start-up in the Cambridge neighborhood, he’s giving up an address that has become synonymous with the region’s innovative economy. “This has still got to be the single biggest concentration for technology companies,” said Aggarwal recently at Voltage Coffee & Art, a popular Kendall Square gathering spot for software engineers and venture capitalists. “But that’s going to change.” Aggarwal’s departure comes at a moment of transition for the neighborhood.

Dennis Lehane latest novels have a historical sweep.

Dennis Lehane widens his world of words

Not content just to be a purveyor of hardboiled crime fiction, the Dorchester native is trying his hand at stories with a grander historical sweep.