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Unsanitary practices at pharmacy blamed in meningitis outbreak

Visible mold was found inside the Framingham pharmacy, including 83 vials from one lot of a tainted steroid used to treat back pain.

A bid for equity in school choice plan

A committee is weighing whether to give low-income students in Boston a priority to attend better-performing schools in other neighborhoods.

From left, Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode, and Gary Johnson took part in a third-party debate in Chicago.

Third-party candidates could tip vote

In hotly contested swing states, their presence on the ballot may alter the course of the election.

Hurricane Sandy, projected to make landfall early Tuesday near New Jersey, brings with it the threat of widespread flooding and power outages to much of the Northeast.

Mass. takes steps to contend with Sandy

The storm, which has killed at least 40 in the Caribbean, has the potential to pummel New England with torrential rain and high winds.

Rudolf Anderson

A pilot’s sacrifice helped defuse Cuban Missile Crisis

The death of pilot Rudolf Anderson, shot down over Cuba 50 years ago today, served as a catalyst for the US and the Soviet Union to cut a deal.

Actress Stephanie Perks monitored a video screen showing several views inside the Salem’s 13 Ghosts haunted house. She waits for a cue to jump and try to scare visitors.

More haunted houses turning to 3-D effects

Attractions have exploited technology — video effects, animatronics, visitor-tracking sensors — to put more fright into the night, 21st-century style.