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Cahill to pay $100,000 to settle case

Former state treasurer Timothy P. Cahill agreed to pay the fine Friday for violating state ethics law during his 2010 campaign for governor.

Nazalone is credited with reversing more than 1,800 opiate overdoses in Massachusetts.

Dina Rudnick/ Globe Staff

Nasal spray gives families the power to reverse overdose

Some are pointing to a Mass. program that distributes the drug overdose antidote naloxone as a national model.

Emily Glass (left) and her husband Venkat Korvi would like to sell their condo and move into a bigger house but they can't find anything suitable. Home inventories are at an eight-year low and everyone is asking: Where are the sellers?

Michele McDonald for the Boston Globe

Local housing market desperately seeking sellers

Home inventories are at an eight-year low and have prompted bidding wars and price inflation in some neighborhoods.

BC celebrates its decline in applications

As the number of applications to other colleges rose, Boston College was happy to see its fall as it made applying more difficult to attract more serious students.

Sequester goes into effect as both sides trade blame

Much of the impact won’t be felt for weeks, but the prospect of absorbing $85 billion in cuts caused waves of anxiety.