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Mayor Menino orders review of taxi oversight

Mayor Thomas M. Menino ordered a sweeping review of the city’s $1 billion taxi industry Monday, a day after the Globe Spotlight Team documented a lopsided system of enforcement in an industry that routinely punishes drivers but tolerates egregious conduct by cab owners who operate with relative impunity.

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Al Qaeda takes responsibility for suicide blast in Mali

The claim of responsibility and the boldness of the attack renews fears that Al Qaeda’s local fighters have not been uprooted by a French-led offensive.

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Farah Stockman

Rethinking H-1B visas

Senators Lindsey Graham and Charles Schumer have reportedly struck an immigration deal that involves doubling the number of H-1B visas.

By Farah Stockman

Before the program expands, fraud schemes need to be addressed.


A Downtown Crossing worth the wait

By Paul McMorrow

The plan for the downtown area targets young, collaborative, creative companies — the types of companies that are key to Boston’s future.


Mayor Menino orders review of taxi oversight

“We have real problems, and I’m very concerned about it,” Mayor Menino said. “We’re not going to tolerate this nonsense.”

By Thomas Farragher and Jonathan Saltzman

The review comes a day after the Globe Spotlight Team documented a lopsided system of enforcement in Boston’s cab industry.

Spotlight Report | Part 3

For cab drivers, risk and reward are a mismatch

Globe reporter Bob Hohler encountered drunken passengers, gridlock, overcharging, and city drivers.

A Globe reporter returns to the wheel after many years and finds much has changed. Cabbies are often cheated, and danger lurks at every turn.


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Union settles with 6 Boston hotels

By Katie Johnston

Around the Region

Consumer agencies list top concerns

By Chris Reidy


red sox 8, yankees 2

‘A very good day’ for Red Sox

Jose Iglesias

By Peter Abraham

Putting the worst season in generations behind them, the Red Sox played with passion and a sense of purpose in an Opening Day rout of the Yankees.

Dan Shaughnessy

Jackie Bradley’s Red Sox debut was a show-stopper

John Farrell had to hand it to rookie Jackie Bradley for his contributions to Monday’s game at the plate, on the bases, and on defense.

By Dan Shaughnessy

There were many contributors to the Opening Day win, but it was Bradley who set the tone for the Red Sox.

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