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Russia alerted US about Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Russian authorities warned the FBI in early 2011 that suspected bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev may have been a follower of “radical Islam,” a revelation that raised new questions in Congress on Saturday about whether the Boston Marathon attacks that killed three and wounded more than 170 could have been prevented.

Firefighter Patrick Foley helped to save Roseann Sdoia after the bombings.

A still-growing roster of wounded and willing

Nearly a week later, emerging stories of survivors and their saviors still resonate.

Saturday’s Red Sox game, the first at Fenway Park since the bombings, was a scene of mixed joy and grief.

Joining sorrow — the joy of coming together

WATERTOWN — The throngs showed up before opening at 7 a.m., hungry for pancakes but hungrier for company at the Deluxe Town Diner. They kept coming, and by 11 a.m. the line was still out the door, mixed with onlookers snapping photos of the eatery that hours earlier had been shuttered by strict order of police.

Race for Senate

// A drive that stunned Markey’s family, and never ebbed

Rep. Edward Markey spurned Beacon Hill’s tribal politics and defied the older Irish establishment.