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Old-line charities feel pinch of Marathon giving

Nonprofit groups report that the outpouring of financial support for bombing victims has crowded out other donations.

Slain bombing suspect knew Watertown terrain well

WATERTOWN – When Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed during a shoot-out with police, the Marathon bombing suspect and his younger brother were making their last stand in a neighborhood Tamerlan knew very well.

Laura Miola has worked for three decades at General Dynamics in Taunton.

Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Proposed budget cuts imperil defense jobs in Mass.

Defense contractor General Dynamics said the cuts would affect “hundreds’’ of employees at two plants in the state.

Lila Bucklin of Jamaica Plain carried a message as she took part in the 17th Annual Mother’s Day Walk for Peace in Dorchester on Sunday.


Mother’s Day Walk carries message of peace

Thousands of Bostonians called for peace today in the wake of several recent shootings and stabbings and an unprecedented attack on the city. Those killed last month in the Boston Marathon bombings were remembered alongside men, women, and children lost to street violence as marchers wearing purple for peace advanced down Dorchester Avenue in the 17th annual Mother’s Day Walk for Peace. Some sang hymns or folk songs such as “If I Had a Hammer.”

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Jim Koch is lobbying for a change in the excise tax.

Big seller Boston Beer asks for small-brewer tax break

Jim Koch, the founder of Samuel Adams beer, is trying to persuade Congress to grant an excise tax break for his brewery, and others much smaller.

Casino firms face complications in Southeastern Mass.

The ban on commercial casino development in Southeastern Massachusetts may be over, but the region remains a tricky bet for private casino companies, with disadvantages that could discourage investors and chill competition, casino specialists said.

The Nation

In IRS abuses, GOP sees chance to regain stage

Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, said the revelations eroded trust in the government.

By Jonathan Weisman

Internal Revenue Service scrutiny of conservative groups was more overtly ideological than previously admitted.

Shooting at New Orleans parade leaves 19 wounded

New Orleans police blocked off an intersection after a Mother’s Day shooting in which at least 19 people were wounded.

Gunmen opened fire on dozens of people marching in a Mother’s Day second-line parade on Sunday.

US studies genes and heart disease risks

By Gina Kolata

A federal research project is using genetic sequencing to find factors that increase the risk of heart disease beyond the usual suspects.

The World

McCain accuses administration of Benghazi coverup

Senator John McCain

By Peter Baker

Senator John McCain called for a special committee to investigate the Obama administration’s handling of last year’s deadly attack on the US diplomatic post in Libya.

Pope canonizes Mexican, Colombian, 813 who refused conversion

Pope Francis waved to the crowd after a canonization ceremony in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican on Sunday.

Pope Francis gave the Catholic Church new saints, including hundreds of 15th-century martyrs who were beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam.

Bulgaria vote yields no clear winner

Protesters rallied against the political system in front of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia on Sunday.

Neither the center-right party nor its main challenger, the Socialists, won a majority needed to form a government, two exit polls indicated.

Editorial & Opinion


Pentagon’s sexual assault conundrum

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel inherited a military culture in which woman are not accorded equal status.

By Juliette Kayyem

The only real solution will come with the complete integration of women into an armed services that has, for too long, treated them as second-class citizens.

James Carroll

Thunderbirds of prey

By James Carroll

Fears of a hollowed-out military always trumped fears of hollowed-out schools, inner cities, civic infrastructure, and moral value.


US workforce continues to dwindle

By John E. Sununu

The total number of unemployed, underemployed, and people who want to work but have stopped looking is nearly 14 percent of the workforce — nearly double the official rate of 7.5 percent.


Cambridge tries to heal from Marathon horror

For Larry Aaronson, therapy and friends have helped.

By Meghan E. Irons

Residents are confronting the fact that two of their own are the suspects in the bombing attack.

Driver charged in fatal accident in Canton

Evan Bard of Agawam died in Canton.

By Gal Tziperman Lotan

The driver of the car that crashed in Canton, killing a Curry College junior, was charged with drunken driving and motor vehicle homicide.

UMass Dartmouth graduates passed a resilience test

Bob Gillan, a Quincy officer, swept the campus Sunday with Ronan, an explosives detection canine.

By Carolyn Y. Johnson

The campus was thrust into the national spotlight because of student and Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Business ǀ Science

Chinese auto firms sprouting up fast in Detroit

By Bill Vlasic

Dozens of companies from China are quietly putting down roots in Detroit, part of the country’s steady push into the American auto industry.

Firm hopes Big Data can personalize health care

Colin Hill is founder and chief executive of GNS Healthcare, which is among the leaders in using Big Data analytics in medical care.

By Karen Weintraub

Kendall Square company GNS Healthcare is among the leaders in using Big Data analytics in medical care.

Innovation Economy

Start-up takes a flying leap into auto design

A look at Terrafugia’s concept vehicle, the TF-X, which could usher flying cars into mainstream use.

By Scott Kirsner

Isn’t there an old saying about learning to fly before you fly? If so, the aviation start-up Terrafugia is willfully disregarding it.

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Insurers fined on mental health coverage

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Maureen Dunn, advocate for families of POWs, MIAs

Mrs. Dunn’s husband, Lieutenant Joseph Patrick Dunn, was shot down over the South China Sea as he piloted an unarmed Navy jet during the Vietnam War.

By Bryan Marquard

Mrs. Dunn was one of the most astute advocates for families of POWs and MIAs until her death at the age of 72.

Jack Butler, 85; stood out as Steelers cornerback, scout

Jack Butler posed with a bust of himself at the Pro Football Hall of Fame last year.

By Will Graves

Mr. Butler had spent the last several months in the hospital dealing with a staph infection that plagued him since his career ended in 1959.

George Sauer, 69; star became disillusioned with football

“Football is an ambiguous sport, depending both on grace and violence. It both glorifies and destroys bodies,” George Sauer said in a 1983 New York Times article.

By Frank Litsky

Mr. Sauer, who played a pivotal role in the Jets’ victory in Super Bowl III, later quit professional football because he considered it dehumanizing.


Maple Leafs 2, Bruins 1

Maple Leafs defeat Bruins, force Game 7

Maple Leafs players celebrate after Dion Phaneuf (closest to Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask) put Toronto ahead for good just 1:48 into the third period.

By Fluto Shinzawa

The Bruins, who once held a 3-1 series lead, will play Game 7 on Monday at TD Garden.

on hockey

Bruins back themselves into corner yet again

Leafs fans weren’t about to hide their excitement as they watched a pack of dejected Bruins file into the locker room.

By Kevin Paul Dupont

Nothing says desperate like uh-oh. And uh-oh is where the Bruins find themselves now in a winner-take-all Game 7 with the Maple Leafs.

Christopher L. Gasper

Bruins need Patrice Bergeron’s line to step up

Patrice Bergeron was stuffed by Maple Leafs goalie James Reimer in this shot Sunday.

By Christopher L. Gasper

The goal-scoring touch of Bergeron, Brad Marchand, and Tyler Seguin has gone missing, and the Bruins need it badly to survive Monday’s Game 7.

G: Health

Health and Wellness

Not feeling strong after Marathon bombings?

“A lot of my patients have told me they feel like they're supposed to be over it when they see the Boston Strong sign, when they really need time to process the traumatic events,” said Monica O'Neal, a clinical psychologist.

By Deborah Kotz

Those who are struggling to cope after the Boston Marathon attack should not view themselves as weak, experts say.

Album Review | Folk-Blues

Kevin Haugh CD a shot of authentic roots rock

By James Reed

Haugh’s debut, “Straight In,” is a loose ramble through horn-stoked rock.

Mountain of Leopards a little label with big ideas

Eli Schwartz (left, who releases music under the name Saul Conrad), Schwartz’s 32-year-old parrot, Chico, and engineer Jason Bitner at the home of Mountain of Leopards Records, an independent label founded by Schwartz in Jamaica Plain.

By James Reed

Eli Schwartz, 24, founded his independent label, Mountain of Leopards Records, out of his home in Jamaica Plain late last year.

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Sexually transmitted superbug on the way?

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FDA plans warning labels for tanning beds

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Study shows that parents are distracted drivers

By Dr. Claire McCarthy

Health Answers

What determines how well someone recovers from a stroke?

By Courtney Humphries

Reflections From Residency

Looking past a patient’s crimes a difficult challenge

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Boston-area to do list

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Lennox, Nelson, King at Berklee commencement

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Solange Knowles spins at weekend ICA gala

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