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Tsarnaev ally killed by FBI agent in Florida

Investigators entered an apartment in Orlando where Ibragim Todashev was killed by an FBI agent Wednesday.

A man with ties to Marathon bomb suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev was shot and killed while being questioned about a 2011 unsolved triple murder in Waltham.

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The flags — quilt squares without the quilting — have poured from every continent but Antarctica, and almost every state in the United States is represented. It is as much a work of heart as art.

From around the world, flags honor Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts will unveil a mile-long display of 1,500 flags from around the world to bring messages of hope to a city trying to heal.

Timothy P. Murray announced his decision Wednesday.

Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray resigns

Murray abruptly announced Wednesday he will leave in June to lead the Worcester ­Regional Chamber of ­Commerce.

Mass. tries to retain $250 million for hospitals

The “Bay State boondoggle” is at risk as Congress considers a bill that would end extra payments for Massachusetts hospitals.

Economic surge in Mass. predicted for 2014

The state’s unemployment rate, which was 6.4 percent in April, is expected to decline to 5.2 percent by the end of 2017, a report predicts.

The Nation

Residents in Okla. return to neighborhoods in pieces

Jon Booth moved a pieces of debris from his mother's house across the street from the Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore, Okla.

By Jack Healy and Emma G. Fitzsimmons

Two days after a huge tornado barreled through, authorities allowed residents to search for belongings and assess damage.

IRS official denies misleading Congress

IRS official Lois Lerner told a House panel she did not try to mislead Congress, then invoked her right not to testify.

By Jeremy W. Peters

The official who disclosed the agency had targeted conservative groups denied she had provided false information.

US acknowledges it has killed 4 US citizens in drone strikes

By Charlie Savage

In a letter to congressional leaders, Attorney General Eric Holder disclosed that the administration had deliberately killed four US citizens in Yemen and Pakistan.

The World

Man is hacked to death near London base

Police forensics officers investigated the crime scene after two men with knives and cleavers killed  a soldier on Wednesday. One of the suspects (left) was seen on a video released by the Sun newspaper.

By John F. Burns

In an attack that raised new fears of terrorism in Britain, a man walking near a military barracks in south London was hacked to death by two assailants.

North Korean leader sends envoy to China

By Choe Sang-Hun

North Korea’s move comes amid signs the country was trying to mend ties with Beijing and seeking breaches in economic and diplomatic pressure over its nuclear weapons development.

Japan approves joining child abduction treaty

By Malcolm Foster

The international child custody treaty addresses concerns that Japanese mothers can take children away from foreign fathers without recourse.

Editorial & Opinion


Murray’s ambition meets reality

01/04/2007 -- 2007 Inaugural - Governor Deval Patrick and Lt. Governor Timothy Murray on stage in front of the Massachusetts State House. ( David L. Ryan / Globe staff photo ) Library Tag 12232008 Metro

By Joan Vennochi

Timothy Murray’s sights may have been set on the governor’s office, but his plans were derailed by apparent missteps.


A rainy day fund doesn’t work if it’s always raining

By Juliette Kayyem

Disaster relief money isn’t well-spent if it goes to repairing damage without taking steps to mitigate the effects of future disasters.


The rise of hate

Earlier this month, neo-Nazi lawmaker Panagiotis Iliopoulos was ejected from Greece’s parliament while shouts of “Heil Hitler” were heard in the chamber, in a recent incident involving his far-right party.

By Nicholas Burns

Nearly 70 years after the defeat of fascism in Europe, hateful, right-wing ideology has returned in nearly every European country.


Beacon Hill church director accused of stealing funds

By Akilah Johnson

Edward J. MacKenzie, 54, was indicted on charges of racketeering, extortion, bribery, and money laundering.

Yvonne Abraham

Longevity a liability for Ed Markey?

By Yvonne Abraham

We like electricity and fresh faces: Deval Patrick, Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren. It’s hard when you’ve been around as long as Markey.

West Concord personality chases his last storm

Chris Curtis, shown at the West Concord 5&10 in February, spent two weeks a year in Tornado Alley.

By Kathleen Burge

Christopher M. Curtis II, 49, spent two weeks a year chasing storms. But just hours after writing about the Oklahoma tornadoes, he died in his sleep.

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Tsarnaev ally killed by FBI agent in Florida

By Mark Arsenault, Maria Cramer, Wesley Lowery and Michael Rezendes

Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray resigns

By Jim O’Sullivan, Michael Levenson and Frank Phillips

Man slain in Marathon inquiry has record of outbursts

By Maria Sacchetti and Maria Cramer


Menino savors preview of Innovation District hub

District Hall will host public gatherings and events for workers in South Boston’s growing collection of Innovation District businesses.

By Michael B. Farrell

Mayor Thomas M. Menino toured the new steel-clad “District Hall” on Wednesday, a victory lap of sorts.

Tech Lab

Your smartphone, maximized

By Hiawatha Bray

Don’t let bloatware suck your phone’s memory: Delete apps you don’t need, shut off Facebook notifications, and clear the cache.

Key vote on Fenway project delayed

By Taryn Luna

The Transportation Department unexpectedly postponed a vote on a lease agreement for the $500 million project.


Sara Clift Jones; ALS could not halt her drive to help

Sara Clift Jones helped found an after-school program in Roxbury.

By Bryan Marquard

Ms. Clift Jones, 72, offered insights to medical students and raised funds to support research into finding biomarkers for the disease.

Boruch Spiegel; battled Nazis in Warsaw uprising

Boruch Spiegel survived the  uprising and joined Polish partisans.

By Joseph Berger

Mr. Spiegel, 93, was one of the last surviving fighters of the Warsaw ghetto uprising of 1943, the first armed urban rebellion in German-occupied Europe.

Barbara Brenner, 61, fiery advocate on breast cancer

By Denise Grady

Ms. Brenner led the group Breast Cancer Action and shaped it in her own combative image, pillorying the medical establishment.


Red Sox 6, White Sox 2

Red Sox snap skid with win over White Sox

Andrew Bailey, right, closed out the game in his first game back from the disabled list.

By Peter Abraham

Clay Buchholz improved to 7-0 and Andrew Bailey returned to close out a win that ended a 6-3 road trip.

Dan Shaughnessy

New York just isn’t a hockey kind of town

Rangers fans pour into Madison Square Garden to see the Rangers, but elsewhere around the city many fans ignore them.

By Dan Shaughnessy

There is no buzz in the city around the Rangers, who trail far behind the Knicks, Yankees, Giants, and Jets for local attention.

Bruins’ scrappy fourth line embracing role

From left, Bruins fourth-liners Gregory Campbell, Daniel Paille, and Shawn Thornton celebrate after Campbell scored in Game 2.

By Fluto Shinzawa

Expectations for Daniel Paille, Gregory Campbell, and Shawn Thornton were humble, but their contributions are a big part of the Bruins’ playoff success.

G: Style

The high price of tanning

By Karen Weintraub

Despite warnings about sun worshiping, melanoma rates continue to rise, especially among young women.

Tips for avoiding melanoma

A scar on Campbell’s leg shows where her cancerous mole was removed.

By Karen Weintraub

Particularly if you have fair skin, be careful about sun exposure, especially burns.

Television Review

‘Save Me’: Anne Heche becomes enlightened

Anne Heche plays a rage-filled housewife who changes her tune after a near-death experience in NBC’s “Save Me.”

By Matthew Gilbert

There’s nothing funny or fresh about “Save Me,” which NBC is burning off over the next few weeks.