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Acrimony over arms for Syrian rebels

President Obama’s decision to supply arms to rebel forces in Syria has deeply divided Congress, including members from Massachusetts.

The trial of ‘Whitey’ Bulger

Jury duty a hardship in long trials like Bulger’s

The pay for jury duty in federal cases like Bulger’s is $40 per day, and some legal analysts worry that it could endanger a defendant’s ability to get a fair trial.

Immigration agency ordered to name felons it has released

A judge sided with the Globe in a suit against the Department of Homeland Security seeking the names of criminals freed since 2008.

J.P. Norden met Marine Sergeant Luis Remache at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Washington.

Hospital visit inspires Marathon amputee J.P. Norden

Depressed at one setback after another, Norden met people at the Walter Reed military hospital with similar injuries who had learned to thrive.

The offices of One Fund Boston in the Prudential Center run on items given by firms and the labor of volunteers.

Volunteers, companies help Marathon bombing victims

The One Fund Boston undertook the daunting work of managing the victim’s relief effort and has raised $47.4 million.