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City wants a cutback on new parking

Boston officials are significantly reducing the amount of new parking required with building projects.

Richard E. Neal becomes ‘dean’ of the state’s congressional delegation. He marched Thursday in East Longmeadow’s parade.

As clout fades, state delegation gets unity push

Representative Richard E. Neal of Springfield says he has a plan to protect the state’s interests in Congress as he prepares to become dean of the delegation.

// Mubarak-era figures reemerging in Egypt

Remnants of Egypt’s old autocratic government reasserted themselves within hours of the military’s ouster of Mohammed Morsi.

Fireworks exploded over the Charles River during the July Fourth Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular in Boston on Thursday.

Secure, scorching, and festive Fourth

The heat was stifling, security were measures intense, and memories of the Boston Marathon bombings were lingering, but hundreds of thousands of devoted revelers jammed patches of green along the Charles River Thursday to take in Boston’s July Fourth gala.

Ibragim Todashev

After FBI probes, questions on granting of asylum

Ibragim Todashev’s desire to return to Russia after being granted a safe harbor is raising new questions about his asylum claim.