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Faced with rules change, GOP relents on Obama nominees

Senate Democrats used the threat of rule changes to force Republicans to withdraw their opposition to several White House nominees.

Senator Edward Markey (right) spoke with outgoing senator William “Mo” Cowan after his swearing-in.

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Contract bidder called on Markey for favor

Edward J. Markey’s call to UMass president Robert Caret on behalf of a former aide offers a window into the access and influence of lobbyists.

President Obama played the links with his longtime Chicago friend, Eric Whitaker, at Mink Meadows Golf Club.

Bill Greene/GLOBE STAFF/FILE 2011

For Obamas, Vineyard has enduring attraction

When Barack Obama stepped on the Vineyard that day in 2004, fresh from his well-received national debut at the Democratic National Convention, the island community not only embraced him — it wrapped him in a bear hug. People streamed into Edgartown’s Old Whaling Church to see the ascendant Illinois state senator, there to attend a forum on race relations. The wooden pews seat 800; 1,000 people showed up. “The crowd just erupted when he walked out there with me,” said Obama’s former Harvard Law professor, Charles Ogletree, a Vineyard summer resident. “He felt, ‘Well, this is the place for me.’ ” The Vineyard has indeed become Obama’s “place.” His nearly annual sojourns on the island have coincided with his growth as a politician, from state senator, to US Senator and presidential candidate, to Oval Office occupant. Next month Obama is scheduled to return again.

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Immigration judges pushing for independence

Federal immigration judges are urging Congress to liberate them from the Department of Justice in a dramatic bid for independence that could open immigration court records to the public for the first time in US history.

Boston public schools athletics department is based at White Stadium in Jamaica Plain.

State, city agencies probing schools’ athletics spending

The potential misspending of funds by the Boston school district’s athletics department is related to the purchase of equipment and supplies.

The Nation

Eric Holder criticizes Stand Your Ground laws

Los Angeles was one of the cities where peple protested Monday in reaction to the verdict in George Zimmerman’s trial.

By Manuel Roig-Franzia and Sari Horwitz

The attorney general said the measures ‘‘senselessly expand the concept of self-defense’’ and may encourage ‘‘violent situations to escalate.’’

Jury selected to try Fort Hood shooting suspect

A panel of 13 officers will hear the case against Army Major Nidal Hasan, who is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder in the 2009 attack.

Man found in Calif. awakens with amnesia

Michael Boatwright speaks Swedish.

Doctors are looking into the mystery of a Florida man who awoke speaking only Swedish, with no memory of his past, after he was found unconscious four months ago at a motel.

The World

Panama seizes N. Korea ship and weapons parts

Panamanian marines seized the North Korean vessel Chong Chon Gang  and arrested 35 crew members.

By Rick Gladstone and David E. Sanger

Panamanian marines discovered what appeared to be parts of an antiquated missile radar system in the North Korean freighter.

UK steps back from push to arm Syrian rebels

By Alan Cowell

The reluctance reflects a similar attitude in Washington toward the idea of sending small weaponry to the splintered Syrian insurgency.

Italian politician apologizes for race slur

By Nicole Winfield

The vice president of Italy’s Senate rejected calls for his resignation Tuesday, but said he was sorry and would send flowers to make amends.

Editorial & Opinion

Derrick Z. Jackson

Vigilantes’ license to kill


By Derrick Z. Jackson

Paranoia, irresponsible lawmakers, and gun owners’ entitled attitudes add up to more tragedy ahead.


Patrick needs to get off his high horse

Governor Patrick is critical of efforts to rein in some of his sweeping proposals.

By Scot Lehigh

Deval Patrick’s self-righteous performance has alienated the legislative leadership and set up a losing budget battle that could establish the tone for the rest of his term.


Pieces are being put in place for a Dudley Square revival

By Paul McMorrow

The construction of a $115 million municipal office building in Dudley Square could be the beginning of a needed renaissance in Boston’s geographic heart.


US says funds paid for Michael McLaughlin’s trips

Michael McLaughlin resigned in 2011.

By Sean P. Murphy

The US is challenging years of expenditures by the former head of the Chelsea Housing Authority as he prepares to face sentencing for fraud.

Boston schools try to stem ‘summer slide’

Students were transfixed as Harris Hogu dropped an egg in a parachute at Dragon Camp.

By Alyssa A. Botelho

A growing number of Boston-area schools are expanding opportunities to help children maintain their academic progress.

T to train seniors, disabled on using mass transit

By Martine Powers

With a new federally funded program, called Ways2Go, the MBTA will be able to hold group seminars and provide more in-depth coaching.

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Man shot by Boston officer opened fire first, police say

By Peter Schworm and Colin A. Young

Adrian Walker

Support for homeless housing, but not in Newton

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Trial of ‘Whitey’ Bulger

Businessman ponied up $400,000 demanded by Bulger

By Shelley Murphy and Milton J. Valencia

Day 22


National health care overhaul apt to push up costs

By Robert Weisman

Insurance costs for small businesses and individuals are likely to rise beyond the state’s benchmark because of rule changes, an industry study found.

Last two Brigham’s stores must change name

Beth Boggs (right), her son, Christopher, and her mother, Anne Thompson, are among the longtime customers sad to see the last Brigham’s ice cream parlors closing.

By Taryn Luna

Just a year shy of Brigham’s 100th anniversary, the Boston ice cream institution will cease to exist anywhere but in grocery aisles.

Public pension funds in Mass. get failing grades

By Beth Healy

Eighty out of 105 retirement authorities received a failing grade for their progress in covering billions in future pension obligations, according to a new database.


Sidney Berry, 87; general who led West Point in tumultuous period

By Martin Weil

Mr. Berry, a highly decorated veteran, spent more than three years in combat and was a four-time Silver Star recipient.

Juli Nichols, 54; as Boston paramedic, she healed and inspired

Juli Nichols helped raise public awareness of breast cancer.

By Bryan Marquard

“She could have the sickest person ... [and] she would have this person laughing on her way into the hospital,” said one former supervisor.

David McCourt, 71; lost wife, daughter on 9/11

Mr. McCourt, who went on to found a program teaching nonviolence and conflict resolution to children, died of metastatic melanoma.


All-Star Game: AL 3, NL 0

Mariano Rivera named MVP as AL blanks NL

The Yankees’ Mariano Rivera won the Ted Williams Award as the game’s most valuable player.

By Peter Abraham

The Yankees closer’s perfect eighth inning was part of a nearly flawless performance by 10 AL pitchers.

On Baseball

Emotional farewell for Mariano Rivera

Called in during the eighth to make sure he would pitch in his final All-Star Game, Mariano Rivera soaks up an ovation. He tossed a perfect inning and was named MVP in the AL’s win.

By Nick Cafardo

The two New York teams and fan bases don’t like one another, but Rivera got the ovation of his life in his final All-Star Game.

On Basketball

Doc Rivers enjoying more control with Clippers

Doc Rivers addressed his new job with the Clippers, saying he appreciates the chance to build his own team.

By Gary Washburn

Although the former Celtics coach made it clear he didn’t want to rebuild in Boston, perhaps a big reason for his departure was his lack of power.

G: Food

G cover

The can is back

Craft beer maker Harpoon has installed a custom-made production line that can produce 250 cans a minute at its South Boston brewery.

By Benjamin Soloway

Canning has taken off in the craft beer world, and beer drinkers have begun to accept that cans are no longer just for Old Milwaukee.

Dining out

North remixes flavors deliriously

Noodles in green chow mein ver2.0 (above) have the bracing, herbal qualities of a Southeast Asian salad; North’s lobster (below) and crab rolls are served in a tomato-based sauce.

By Devra First

“Maybe once a year, if I’m lucky, I get to eat somewhere that blows my mind. I just got my taste for 2013,” writes critic Devra First.

Ramen without the hassle, delivered to your door

Red miso-braised skirt steak ramen, finished with pea shoots and nori (left) and garlic and olive oil-poached prawn ramen, garnished with lemon foam, pea shoots, and nori.

By Luke Pyenson

Joe Emiro of Boston Ramen Noodle Co. is a delivery service that offers creative twists on the Japanese soup.

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‘The Judge’ comes to Boston University

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Kenny Wormald cast in Brian Wilson biopic

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Doobie Brothers entertain at Jay Cashman’s 60th

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Fifth Harmony performs at Square One Mall

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Smiles on Charles for 2013 Mayor’s Cup Regatta

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