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Business leaders fight technology tax in Mass.

A coalition of business leaders plans to ask voters to repeal the newly imposed sales tax on computer software services.

Despite ties, Warren, Summers paths are diverging

The relationship between Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Obama economic adviser Lawrence Summers is more complicated than their resumes might suggest.

TD Bank’s “Bank human again” ads (left) and Bank of America’s “Life’s better when we’re connected” campaign are two of the efforts that banks have made to connect with people.

With flame of humanity, banks try to melt icy image

Mid-size banks and the nation’s largest institutions are spending millions in ads to stress their relationships with customers.

Isabella “Belle” Hankey has filed suit against the Concord-Carisle schools.


A happy school life lost to unseen tormentors

CONCORD — Isabella “Belle” Hankey says she had no enemies, no feuds. She was happy, popular, played softball and basketball. She had athletic rivals, but no one, she thought, who would ever do this.

South Boston shuns ‘protector’ myth of Bulger

It was never the real truth. Instead, it was an agreed-upon truth for many in South Boston: Whitey Bulger protected the neighborhood. Whitey Bulger was the good guy. Whitey Bulger was Robin Hood.

// After 8 weeks of trial, Bulger’s fate in jurors’ hands

Jurors will resume deliberations Wednesday morning in the sweeping federal racketeering case against James “Whitey” Bulger.

The Nation

Ft. Hood trial begins with an admission of guilt

Colonel Steve Hendricks, shown in a courtroom sketch, spoke to jurors as Major Nidal Malik Hasan looked on.

By Manny Fernandez

Major Nidal Malik Hasan told a jury of senior Army officers that “the evidence will clearly show that I am the shooter.”

Study says suicides not linked to military service

By James Dao

The study finds that the forces underlying the spike in military suicides are similar to those in the civilian world.

Obesity rates drop in poor children

By Deborah Kotz

Obesity rates among preschoolers from lower-income families declined in Mass. and 17 other states from 2008 to 2011, according to a government report.

The World

US, Britain withdraw embassy staff from Yemen

Police in an armored vehicle secured a road leading to the US Embassy in Sana, Yemen.

By Ahmed Al-Haj and Matthew Lee

The staff were evacuated because of the threat of attack, while a suspected US drone killed four alleged Al Qaeda members.

Syrian rebels claim victory in fight for air base

Structures near Aleppo, Syria, have borne the brunt of the fighting between rebel and government forces.

By Loveday Morris

Rebels claimed to have taken full control of a long-contested military air base near the northern city of Aleppo on Tuesday morning.

US senators urge release of Morsi backers

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham termed the events of July 3 a “coup,’’ a word the White House avoided.

By Aya Batrawy and Maggie Michael

The message from Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham met with a sharp response from the country’s new leaders.

Editorial & Opinion

Opinion | Swanee Hunt

Is Caroline Kennedy qualified?

Caroline Kennedy is seen in a March 26 photo.

By Swanee Hunt

Yes. Celebrity aside, the nominee for the Japan ambassadorship stands on her own merit.


Japan ambassadorship requires a seasoned diplomat

Caroline Kennedy

By Scot Lehigh

If Caroline Kennedy is confirmed as ambassador to Japan, it will be because she lent her famous name to Obama and is now reaping a reward.


GOP stance against Obamacare hurts thousands of N.H. families

Refusing to make Medicaid available to more low-income families will exact a significant human toll.


Minority officers call for Edward Davis’s resignation

A spokeswoman for Edward Davis declined to comment Tuesday.

By Travis Andersen

An advocacy group argues that the police commissioner’s administration disciplines officers of color more harshly.

Man seeks lawsuit in FBI killing of his son

Abdulbaki Todashev is the father of Ibragim, a friend of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

By David Filipov and Travis Andersen

The father of Ibragim Todashev is seeking a civil suit against the FBI for the fatal shooting of his son, a friend of alleged bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Restored steeple returns to sit atop First Parish Church

The steeple returned to its place atop First Parish Church Tuesday.

By Javier Panzar

The newly renovated, 15,000-pound steeple is part of a $5 million restoration project for the old Dorchester church.

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Adrian Walker

The future begins at The Boston Globe

By Adrian Walker

After 8 weeks of trial, Bulger’s fate in jurors’ hands

By Shelley Murphy and Milton J. Valencia


Suffolk Construction moving to South Boston

By Casey Ross

One of Boston’s biggest and busiest contractors is proposing to build a new national headquarters in the Innovation District.

Generation Y a tough target for marketers

Anna Volain (center), 20, shopping for snacks at Shaw’s on Commonwealth Avenue with friends Liza Posner (left), 20, and Isabel Monteiro, 21.

By Taryn Luna

Millennials — generally defined as people born after 1980 — have become skilled at finding ways to avoid the constant stream of advertising.

Shirley Leung

The case for a sales tax rollback

By Shirley Leung

Keeping the Mass. sales tax at 6.25 percent will end up hurting those who can least afford it, and discourage spending overall.


George Duke, 67; keyboardist spanned genres, generations

George Duke had an illustrious career as a sideman, collaborator, and solo artist.

By Mesfin Fekadu

Mr. Duke had an illustrious career as a sideman, collaborator, and solo artist.

Gary Kayakachoian, 87, reporter, town meeting member

Gary Kayakachoian worked for The Boston Globe for almost a half century.

By Gloria Negri

Mr. Kayakachoian worked for The Boston Globe for almost a half century.

Leighton Gage, 71, late-blooming crime novelist

By Daniel E. Slotnik

Mr. Gage was a former advertising man who found a second career writing crime novels about a Brazilian police detective.


red sox 15, astros 10

Red Sox outslug Astros in Houston

Jacoby Ellsbury (right) had two home runs, walked twice, and scored four runs.

By Peter Abraham

The Red Sox erased an early 5-0 hole in the comeback win, which gave them as many wins (69) as they had all of last season.

On Baseball

Jonny Gomes gives Red Sox a 2nd manager

Mike Napoli welcomes Jonny Gomes after Gomes’s three-run home run in the sixth.

By Nick Cafardo

Gomes, who wants to manage some day, has become the Red Sox’ de facto player-manager/ hitting coach/ bench leader.

On Football

Humbled Riley Cooper has quiet return to Eagles

“I realize how many people I’ve hurt, how many families I’ve hurt, how many kids I’ve hurt, and I take full responsibility for it,” said Riley Cooper.

By Ben Volin

The receiver, caught on video in July angrily using a racial epithet, spent most of the day in solitude, trying to blend in as much as he could.

G: Food

Dining out

At Oleana, adventurous spices and iconic dishes

Deviled eggs with tuna and black olives added to the creamy yolk at Oleana.

By Devra First

Far-flung flavors and New England ingredients keep chef Ana Sortun’s Oleana relevant.

Aquacultured clams, oysters thrive in Provincetown

John Santos with a Long Pointer.

By Andrea Pyenson

Grant #5 is the only working grant in the harbor and the Santos family are the first in this town to raise oysters, which they have branded Long Pointers.

Recipe for Portuguese clams with linguine

Recipe for Portuguese clams with linguine

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Mediterranean duo: calamari skewers, linguine

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Hit Wicket menu calls to cricket fans

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‘Broadchurch’: A town undone

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‘Who’s Sorry Now?’ by Howard Jacobson

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Plenty of art, history in Blue Hill, Maine

By Hilary Nangle


Mark Wahlberg offers advice to Justin Bieber

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


Lindsay Crouse visits Gloucester Stage students

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


Sally Taylor joins fun at Naukabout Festival

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


Getting into swing of things on the Charles

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


Arrangement will benefit Lovin’ Spoonfuls

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


Berklee College of Music hires Bonnie Hayes

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein