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From the Sunday Globe

The long spiral down of Edwin Alemany

From early childhood, Amy Lord’s accused killer gave many warning signs of uncontrolled mental illness.

A worker raked wild blueberries from last week. More than 80 million pounds are expected to be harvested this year.

Yoon S. Byun/Globe staff

The race to save blueberries in Down East

Maine’s crop of wild blueberries — frozen and shipped the world over — is threatened by a red-eyed, weak-flying fruit fly.

August 11

// Many D.C. think tanks now players in partisan wars

Hundreds of nonprofit institutions are pursuing fiercely partisan agendas and are funded by undisclosed corporations, wealthy individuals, or both.

Three-year-old Gianna Napoli, here with mother, Kim, was standing across the street from where the second bomb exploded.


Children struggle in aftermath of Marathon attack

They weren’t among the wounded, or didn’t seem to be. But for many of the children who witnessed the bombs, the inner aftershocks just won’t go away.

Mass. is leaving more youths in troubled homes

The number of children removed from their homes for abuse or neglect has fallen sharply, even as reports of abuse or neglect have climbed, figures show.

The Nation

Horse killings are creating a surprising split

Wranglers hired by the Navajo Department of Agriculture captured wild horses, which are the focus in a dispute on whether US officials should sanction slaughtering to thin herds.

By Fernanda Santos

Wild horses are the focus in a dispute on whether US officials should sanction slaughtering to thin herds.

Supreme Court may rule on cellphone privacy

By Robert Barnes

The next issue seems teed up for Supreme Court review: government searches of cellphone data.

Endangered species thrive on US military ranges

By Julie Watson

The military protects roughly 420 federally listed species on more than 28 million acres, according to the Pentagon.

The World

Lawless Sinai could be omen for Egypt

By Robert F. Worth

The relatively lawless zone has become a dark harbinger of what could follow elsewhere in Egypt if the government cannot resolve its standoff with Islamist protesters.

56 officers hurt protecting IRA parade in Belfast

Loyalist protesters clashed with riot police in Belfast center on Friday. A number of people, including officers, have been injured during violence linked to an Ireland Republican Army anti-internment parade.

By Shawn Pogatchnik

Protestant militants attacked the officers as they protected a parade by Irish Republican Army supporters.

Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood faces uphill battle

A Syrian rebel played soccer in Aleppo in January. Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood is finding it difficult to rebuild its base with the young revolutionaries of today.

By Zeina Karam

The group is finding it difficult to rebuild its base with the young revolutionaries of today.

Editorial & Opinion


What’s at play in a fluid mayoral race

The fence at R+R Auto Center, at the intersection of Blue Hill Avenue and American Legion Highway, displayed signs for five mayoral candidates.

By Tom Keane

Predicting the outcome is foolhardy, and trying to forecast voter turnout based on 20-year-old data is difficult.

opinion | nathaniel p. morris

Hooked on diet soda

By Nathaniel P. Morris

Americans consume roughly 4 billion gallons of the stuff each year, though a growing body of evidence suggests these drinks are just as harmful as their caloric counterparts.


Mass. officials must investigate Todashev death

By Joan Vennochi

There are conflicting accounts of what triggered the incident, whether Ibragim Todashev was armed, and how many times he was shot by an FBI agent.


From the Sunday Globe

‘New Southie’ can’t mask drug problems

Olivia Callanan,17, and her family plan to move out of  South Boston, despite the area’s improvements.

By Billy Baker

Amy Lord’s grisly murder and recent drug deaths have pierced South Boston’s image of rejuvenation.

Yvonne Abraham

Commanding failure in the BPD

By Yvonne Abraham

The mess that is the Boston Police Department’s cockamamie promotions system goes way beyond race.

Streetcorner market revitalizes Bowdoin-Geneva area

Two-year-old Aurora Kieta (left) watched the activity at the Bowdoin-Geneva Community Hub.

By Akilah Johnson

Once a vacant lot, this plot at Topliff and Bowdoin streets in the Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood is now a place to gather, listen to music, and learn about different kinds of food.

Money & Careers

Wind farms creating an environmental divide

The closest house sits 1,650 feet or just over 0.3 miles from a Hoosac Wind turbine.

By Erin Ailworth

Advocates fear voices opposing wind projects from within the movement will derail efforts to slow climate change and establish renewable energy sources.

Innovation Economy

Forging new frontiers in voice recognition software

TJ Hazen (foreground, left) with his  Microsoft team.

By Scott Kirsner

Tech giants Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Nuance are scooping up every speech recognition expert they can find.

Tired of confusing hidden fees? The banks hear you

By Deirdre Fernandes

Many banks are adopting shorter, more concise, and easier to understand disclosures to their checking account fees.

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Keep an eye out for another housing bubble

By Scott Van Voorhis

Product Reviews

Appliances that cook up convenience

By Consumer Reports

Job Doc

Do some research before asking for a raise

By Elaine Varelas

Consumer Alert

Bank won’t budge in denying perk for air miles

By Mitch Lipka


Steps for being a good guest at a business meal

By Peter Post

On the Hot Seat

State advocacy in appellate courts

By Jenifer B. McKim

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A spacious house for Cape Cod living

By John R. Ellement

handyman on call

Getting rid of water marks on furniture

By Peter Hotton

Personal finance

Don’t rush into a mortgage you can’t afford

By Michelle Singletary


Red Sox 5, Royals 3

Red Sox bullpen closes out Royals

Koji Uehara

By Peter Abraham

Junichi Tazawa pitched two innings and Koji Uehara collected another save as the Red Sox beat the Royals, 5-3.

Curt Schilling has a new lease on life

Curt Schilling gets his 16-and-under team prepared for its game at the USSSA Girls Fastpitch World Series at the Wide World of Sports at Disney.

By Stan Grossfeld

After a disastrous business venture and a heart attack, coaching softball has helped the former Red Sox pitcher turn the corner on difficult times.

Christopher L. Gasper

Johnny Manziel case latest example of NCAA hypocrisy

Johnny Manziel can’t profit from own name.

By Christopher L. Gasper

What the Texas A&M quarterback is guilty of is playing the wrong sport on the wrong day of the week.


Little Libertarians on the prairie

By Christine Woodside

Was Laura Ingalls Wilder’s beloved children’s series written as an anti-New Deal fable? The Wilder family papers suggest yes.

Do medical-marijuana laws save lives on the road?

By Chris Berdik

America’s experiment with legalizing pot yields a surprise—and a puzzle.

The Fulbright, history’s greatest war-surplus program

Senator William Fulbright.

By Sam Lebovic

Why a great educational exchange was invented, and what it accomplished instead.

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Uncommon Knowledge

I’m a zombie now, really!

By Kevin Lewis


A train puts on a sweater

By Kevin Hartnett


John Hoy, 79, of Duxbury; led education board

After starting as an English teacher, Mr. Hoy was president of the higher education board 23 years.

By Michele Richinick

Mr. Hoy was president of the New England Board of Higher Education for 23 years and often had ideas “before they reached their time,” one former colleague said.

Johnny Logan, played for Boston, Milwaukee Braves; at 86

Johnny Logan, a four-time All-Star shortstop, hit .268 with 93 home runs and 547 RBIs in 13 seasons in the majors.

Mr. Logan began his career with the Boston Braves and moved with the team to Milwaukee, where he helped it win the 1957 World Series.

John Billingham, 83; seeker of extraterrestrial life

John Billingham was former director of the SETI Program Office and Director of the Life Sciences Division at the NASA Ames Research Center.

By William Yardley

Dr. Billingham encouraged NASA’s efforts to look for signs of life beyond Earth, even as critics mocked his idea.

Sunday Arts

Critic’s notebook | Don Aucoin

For girls, ‘Wicked’ casts a spell

By Don Aucoin

A decade on, this underrated musical continues to celebrate the power of female friendship.

Photography Review

War as art through camera lens

Don McCullin’s “Shell-Shocked Marine, Hue, Vietnam.”

By Mark Feeney

The discrete images of the Vietnam War provided by gifted photojournalists are on display at Currier Museum of Art.


NY firm to design PEM expansion

Ennead design partner Richard Olcott said, “It’s very daunting but that’s what makes it interesting.”

By Geoff Edgers

Eager to get its 175,000-square-foot project back on track, the Peabody Essex Museum has selected Ennead Architects to design it.

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Risky behavior from an icon of dance

By Elaine Stuart

album review | classical music

Mozart, ‘Bruckner by the Vienna Philharmonic’

album review | classical music

Bartok, ‘Violin Concerto’

buzzsaw | matthew gilbert

‘Orange’ addicts unite

By Matthew Gilbert

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The seeds of ‘Seinfeld’

By Tom Russo

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Remembering Newspaper Row

By Doug Most

Critic’s picks: Television

By Matthew Gilbert

My Instagram: Kayley France

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the one thing

Let loose

By Marni Elyse Katz


What is it about that dress?

By Meredith Goldstein


Justin Timberlake horn section comes home

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


He unknowingly gave J.K. Rowling a plug

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


Former critic Richard Dyer adding to his resume

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


Co-ed Cameron Diaz coming to Wenham?

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein

book review

‘Archangel’ by Andrea Barrett

By John Freeman

Novelist, likes to have a balanced reading diet

Meg Wolitzer

By Amy Sutherland

Book review

‘Benjamin Britten’ by Neil Powell

By Matthew Guerrieri

Book review

‘Amor and Psycho’ by Carolyn Cooke

By Julia M. Klein

new england writers at work

Jeff Kinney strategizes to avoid distractions

By Eugenia Williamson


Food on Sicily: a cultural mash-up

Off the northeast coast of Sicily lies the island Vulcano.

By Sheryl Julian

Today’s Sicilian table reflects what the colonizing Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, and Spanish brought to the island.

Making the most of limited time among 17 million people in Delhi

The Lodi Gardens, a public park, includes the ruins of a 15th-century mosque and Lodi dynasty tombs.

By David Lyon

Deciding to forgo the six-hour round trip to see the greatest monument, the Taj Mahal, allowed for a whirlwind tour of the city.

The Insider

Aviation expert discusses the new realities of air travel

By Patricia Harris

The expectation of flying as a pleasant adventure just isn’t the case anymore, says Mark Gerchick, a former chief counsel of the FAA.

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Nantasket works best as a weekday excursion

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Island songs are a ferry ride away

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From AMC huts to a mobile desk

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Favorite New England fall festivals

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An all-access pass to Nantucket’s history

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Dockside Restaurant, York Harbor, Maine

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ANTIQUES & collectibles

Americana of any century can be ‘fresh’

By Virginia Bohlin


Daniel Nava, the long shot

“I always believed if I gave it everything I’ve got and it wasn’t meant to be, I’d have no regrets,” says the 30-year-old outfielder.

By Joseph P. Kahn

Nava was considered too short, too skinny, too mediocre. When the Red Sox signed him for $1, they figured they had nothing to lose and maybe he’d surprise them. Did he ever.

The women

Tina Packer, founding artistic director of Shakespeare & Company; Julianne Boyd, cofounder and artistic director of Barrington Stage Company; and Kate Maguire, artistic director and CEO of Berkshire Theatre Group.

By Jeremy D. Goodwin

How three visionaries rewrote the script for Berkshires theater, a story in 15 scenes.

What really helps in today’s job market

By Elizabeth Gehrman

Weighing the impact of graduate education.

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Hire truth

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A Nantucket kitchen redo

By Marni Elyse Katz

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In-laws on the outs

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In the market

By Adam Ried

Dinner With Cupid

Numbers game

First Person

Flying high


An American’s Ramadan in Kabul

By Jeff Holden

Tales From the City

A write-in candidate?

Globe North

More independent hospitals joining Lahey group

Nurse Michael Sladick prepares a cardiac catheterization lab for a procedure at the Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington.

By Steven A. Rosenberg

Dr. Howard Grant, the president of Lahey Health, believes that bigger is better, at least during this period of changing health care.

Chelmsford chess prodigy, 9, aims higher

Already judged a chess expert, 9-year-old Carissa Yip of Chelmsford seeks master status.

By Christian M. Wade

By the time she was 7, she could beat her father at chess. Now, 9, Carissa Yip wants to be the youngest female master of the game.


Slots plan riles Andover next door

A plan for a slot machine parlor in Tewksbury (artist’s rendering).

By Kathy McCabe

The $200 million Merrimack Valley Casino proposed for 30 acres of woods in Tewksbury has the look of a New England ski lodge.

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Around the Diamond

A tournament run to remember

By Taylor C. Snow

Suburban Diary

September in Paris, remembered

By George Weinstein

Lynn teacher wins national award

By Juan E. Cajigas Jimenez


Ballpark opening reset to 2016

By Jarret Bencks


Circle the Square walking route opens

By Kathy McCabe


Appeals board meets Wednesday

By Kathy McCabe


YMCA seeks donations for major fund-raiser

By Brenda J. Buote


Stoneham Theatre has new development director

By Brenda J. Buote


Town begins reconstructing East Street

By John Laidler


City elections take shape

By John Laidler


Garden-style condominium offered for sale

By Brenda J. Buote


West Nile virus spraying continues

By Steven A. Rosenberg


Library breaks monthly record

By David Rattigan


City seeks $400k for stadium

By Brenda J. Buote


‘Within These Walls’ play reprised

By David Rattigan


Spicket River Greenway opens to public

By Karen Sackowitz


Nohelty to resign from School Committee

By Steven A. Rosenberg


Wildlife Refuge offers chance to explore

By Brenda J. Buote

North Andover

Police ask residents to take safety survey

By Brenda J. Buote


Cummings Foundation announces $100k recipients

By Brenda J. Buote


Library to host climate change lecture

By John Laidler


Board selects new town administrator

By David Rattigan

West Newbury

Volunteers build new walking trail

By Taryn Plumb

Globe South

Trash automation is picking up

Using an automated trash system truck, Tony DiCesare rarely has to leave his vehicle while working a route in Abington.

By Jean Lang

The days of men hopping on and off the backs of trash trucks are coming to an end in more and more communities south of Boston.

Quincy, Braintree

Some see rocky start after changes

Stephen Dunlea throws out trash in a dumpster his Quincy condo complex had to get  to fit new standards.

By Jessica Bartlett

When Braintree and Quincy entered trash-collection contracts with Sunrise Scavenger this year, officials promised lower costs and greater efficiency.

Bella English

For reformed pack rat, less is better

Beanie Babies were popular toys in the late 1990s.

By Bella English

I can speak as an expert on too much stuff, because I am a reformed pack rat who never met a bargain I didn’t love.

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Middle school opening is in doubt

By Jessica Bartlett


Parents’ suit cites attacks on son

By Emily Sweeney


Town spends $500k to cut ties with manager

By Michele Morgan Bolton

Beverly Beckham

Friends can last; siblings are forever

By Beverly Beckham


Stoughton Eagle Scout helps church

By Paul E. Kandarian

Globe South Community Bulletin Board

By Compiled Nicole Leonard

Around the Diamond

Special thanks for loyal fans of Norwood Legion Post 70

By Peter Cappiello

GlobeSouth: Players of the Week

By Peter Cappiello

East Bridgewater

Schools sell surplus equipment

By Rich Fahey


Reward for fire info

By Robert Knox


Nonprofit receives grant for caregiver program

By Michele Morgan Bolton


Medical marijuana moratorium to be discussed

By John Laidler


Wiffleball tournament fund-raiser

By Michele Morgan Bolton


Walking trails to be dedicated

By Johanna Seltz


Superintendent receives high marks

By Dave Eisenstadter


Holocaust Stamp Project continues

By Michele Morgan Bolton


First Communications Center manager appointed

By Elaine Cushman Carroll


Skilled volunteers needed

By John Laidler


Officials investigate cause of fire

By Elaine Cushman Carroll


Parking changes to help Square

By Jessica Bartlett


Azerbaijan ambassador speaking

By Paul E. Kandarian


Grocery store named ‘healthy market’

By Emily Sweeney


Bike path group seeks volunteers

By Paul E. Kandarian


Summer plant sale at Holly Hill Farm

By Johanna Seltz


Police urge precautions against car break-ins

By Katherine Finnell


Women veterans monument proposed

By Michele Morgan Bolton


Flood maps expand, insurance to increase

By Jessica Bartlett


New dispatchers

By John Laidler


Electric bills to go down

By Jean Lang


Agawam firm to study space needs

By Juliet Pennington


West Nile Virus found in mosquito pool

By Katherine Finnell


Quincy High demo keeps August date

By Jessica Bartlett


Slots, school roof work on ballot

By John Laidler


Outdoor evening activities canceled

By Juliet Pennington


Train parking passes available

By Jennette Barnes


Evening with the author

By Jessica Bartlett


Shaws market officially closes

By Rich Fahey


Tale of two dogs

By Johanna Seltz


New online map feature

By Johanna Seltz


Replacing the high school roof

By Emily Sweeney


New library attendance breaks record

By Michele Morgan Bolton


Fill-in appreciated

By Robert Knox


Fire station moves to temporary quarters

By Jennette Barnes


Private high class dinner raffle

By Dave Eisenstadter


Watering ban

By Juliet Pennington


Head of herring

By John Laidler

Globe West

Route 20: Past, present, and future

RK Centre sits along Route 20 in Marlborough.

By Calvin Hennick

Nearly a decade has passed since a regional development group labeled Route 20 a “schizophrenic” roadway.

A new day for rail line, state says

By Matt Rocheleau

Officials are promising more reliable service on the Framingham-Worcester commuter rail line after a deal this week gave the state control over the tracks.


Council approves plan for Moody St. building

The Moody Street developments are in addition to an effort to beautify the downtown.

By Jaclyn Reiss

City councilors are trying to spur the revitalization of downtown Waltham by approving and encouraging developments and infrastructure improvements this year.

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Camp texts are not what Mom had in mind

By Nancy Shohet West

Around the Diamond

Up and coming softball stars showcase talents

By Phil Perry


Lawmaker plans cookout for seniors

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


Town offers affordable-housing property

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


Officials cite reports of bats in homes

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


Associate’s seat open on zoning board

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


Selectmen await opinion on Blazar payout

By Calvin Hennick


Sportsmen’s Club clambake is Saturday

By Abby Jordan


Top honors for nine Nashoba seniors

By Matt Gunderson


Yoga class for youngsters, parents

By Matt Gunderson


Kindergarten registration underway

By Calvin Hennick


New time, day for Town Meeting

By Davis Bushnell


Discuss outreach programs for veterans

By Calvin Hennick


Meet new veterans agent Thursday

By Nancy Shohet West


Learn about senior housing lottery Wednesday

By Nancy Shohet West


Assabet Tech lottery for house project

By Matt Gunderson


Openings on capital projects committee

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


White House honors Eldridge for ‘civic hack’

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


Library offers free music downloads

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


Catch ‘Romeo’ in Robbins Farm Park

By Brock Parker


Rotary Club seeks help with triathlon

By Jennifer Roach


Risk of West Nile virus on the rise

By Brock Parker


Student-teacher ratio higher than average

By Matt Gunderson


Selectmen seek volunteers for town boards

By Nancy Shohet West


LexMedia is adding HD channel

By Brock Parker


Stone Brook Village on agenda Monday

By Jennifer Roach


State cites West Nile virus threat

By Jaclyn Reiss


Board to review mixed-use project

By Jennifer Roach


North Hill to build new facility

By Jaclyn Reiss


Local nonprofits receive Tufts grants

By Jaclyn Reiss


Nursing home owes vacation wages

By Jaclyn Reiss


New principal for Stapleton Elementary

By Jaclyn Reiss


Town to install high-tech water meters

By Rachel Lebeaux


Class offers tips on ‘cooking for one’

By Rachel Lebeaux


Guided bike tour of Trunkline Trail

By Rachel Lebeaux


Digging into history at Vine Lake

By Aby Jordan


Development committee seeks volunteers

By Rachel Lebeaux


Openings on Wood Elementary’s council

By Rachel Lebeaux


Presentation on fire safety Aug. 21

By Rachel Lebeaux


Grant aids early literacy project

By Jaclyn Reiss


Road maintenance to begin Aug. 19

By Ellen Ishkanian


Agency offers help with mosquitoes

By Ellen Ishkanian


Thanks for conserving water, town says

By Ellen Ishkanian


Farmers market to open Aug. 24

By Ellen Ishkanian


Library adds software for early readers

By Ellen Ishkanian