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The carousel on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.


Creatures ready for a spin on Greenway carousel

A carousel long in the making was unveiled Tuesday on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, with an opening set for Aug. 31. The characters on the Massachusetts-themed ride were suggested by Boston children and designed and sculpted by Jeff Briggs of Newburyport.

Partners hospitals, doctors top health-payment list

Nearly one-third of all the money that Massachusetts insurers spent on acute hospital care last year went to Partners HealthCare, according to a new Patrick administration analysis that underscores the dominance of the state’s largest medical provider.

// Graves Island Light brings in bids of up to $738,000

When the Globe reported two weeks ago on the public auction of the 110-year-old lighthouse, the top bid was $101,000.

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Derrick Z. Jackson

Easing the drug laws

By Derrick Z. Jackson

The nation’s drug laws have been a form of American apartheid for the last quarter century.


Fort Hood victims deserve Purple Hearts

Retired Staff Sergeant Alonzo Lunsford describes one of his wounds from the 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage.

By Jeff Jacoby

To deny the victims of the attack the medal they earned with their lives or blood is no way to pay tribute. They deserve better.


The GOP’s Obamacare whale hunt

By Scot Lehigh

Obamacare has become a public policy white-whale for the ideological Captain Ahabs driving the GOP, a leviathan that must be harpooned at any cost.


US files lawsuit against airline merger

By Katie Johnston

Many industry analysts had expected the merger of American Airlines and US Airways to sail through the approval process.