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Drug mishandling may have tainted 40,000 cases

A long-awaited report details the scope of former chemist Annie Dookhan’s alleged tainting of drug evidence.

Steve E. Abraira resigned in June amid public criticism by his deputy fire chiefs.


Boston fire chief was on path of most resistance

According to interviews with officials inside and outside the department, Steve Abraira’s departure came after months of mounting internal acrimony.

Mike Preshman (left) and Matt Manger at work at Veracode, where employees set their own vacations.


Unlimited time off? No thanks, some workers say

Most people dream of being able to take as much vacation as they want. But at a growing number of companies, especially young technology firms, employees are getting unlimited time off.

Ad barrage heats up in Boston’s mayoral race

The television air war is heating up in Boston’s wide-open race for mayor, as candidates jockey to distinguish themselves in the crowded field with just five weeks until the preliminary election.

Mandy Manocchio-Putney is seeking a marrow donor.

For some, steep odds to find a bone marrow match

The more diverse an individual’s evolutionary history is, the harder it becomes to find a match.

The Nation

US working on facial recognition surveillance

By Charlie Savage

The Department of Homeland Security is developing a surveillance system that scans crowds and identifies people by their faces.

Afghan farmer testifies at massacre trial

By Gene Johnson

An Afghan farmer shot during a massacre in Kandahar Province last year took the witness stand Tuesday against the US soldier who attacked his village.

Family evicted after mother killed by gunman

By Steven K. Paulson

Federal officials condemned a decision by the Denver Housing Authority to evict the relatives of a mother killed by a gunman, saying there is room for compassion in federal law.

The World

Egypt arrests Islamist group’s revered leader

With the arrest of Mohammed Badie, most of the Brotherhood’s top leaders are in prison, along with the former president, Mohammed Morsi.

By David D. Kirkpatrick and Alan Cowell

Security forces hunted down Mohammed Badie, 70, in a nondescript apartment where he had taken refuge.

106 rescued off Australian coast

Rescuers pulled more than 100 suspected asylum seekers to safety on Tuesday after their boat sank in the Indian Ocean.

Hamas won’t relent on executions

Hani Abu Aliyan faces death by hanging.

By Ibrahim Barzak and Karin Laub

Gaza’s Hamas government is sticking to plans to carry out more executions and to do so in public for the first time, despite new protests by human rights groups.

Editorial & Opinion

Cathy Young

Vladimir Putin is no ally for the right

Noted Russian gay activist Nikolai Alexeyev was punched at a rally in  Moscow on May 25.

By Cathy Young

US conservatives are misguided in praising anti-gay policies in Russia.


How to fix presidential debates

By Jeff Jacoby

The debate about debates that the Republican Party engaged in underscores that those events are flawed, but there are ways to improve them.


New England, presidential vacationland

President Calvin Coolidge fished at the home of a friend in Simsburyg, Conn.

By Scot Lehigh

Our region is the bipartisan choice for a great summer time.


John Connolly hit on $500,000 pledge

By Wesley Lowery

Connolly came under fire from several other mayoral candidates after receiving a pledge of financial support from a national education nonprofit.

Elderly woman with EEE virus dies

By Kay Lazar

An unidentified Norfolk County woman in her 80s has died of Eastern equine encephalitis, the first such case in the state this season.

Group researches elusive great white sharks

Brett McBride worked on the shark lift with a female great white the ship’s crew named Betsy.

By Javier Panzar

A team aboard the OCEARCH research ship is on an expedition to tag and collect blood and tissue samples from great white sharks off Cape Cod.


Nuance plan could fend off Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn (above) holds a 16 percent stake in Nuance.

By Casey Ross

Nuance Communications has deployed a new line of defense that could block the investor from strengthening his control over the company.

High-tech gas leak analyzer draws attention

By Erin Ailworth

A car equipped with the Picarro analyzer can search and identify natural gas leaks on the street, while driving at traffic speed.

Shirley Leung

Buy or sell? Real estate guru is stumped

Harold Brown is 88, and he is still doing real estate deals. He is one of the region's biggest landlords with $1.4 billion in his portfolio.

By Shirley Leung

To real estate magnate Harold Brown, 88, the current market feels “bubbly.”


Elmore Leonard, 87; wrote crime novels ripe for Hollywood

Elmore Leonard was quiet and reserved. He had no rap sheet, never owned a gun, and had given up drinking.

By Louis Bayard

An unpretentious writer who worked in relative obscurity for many years, Mr. Leonard went on to influence a generation of crime writers.

Jordan Ruboy, 85, ‘old fashioned’ pediatrician at MGH

In addition to his caring bedside manner, Dr. Ruboy was known for having impeccable manners and spotless attire.

By J.M. Lawrence

In addition to his caring bedside manner, Dr. Ruboy was known for having impeccable manners and spotless attire.


Giants 3, Red Sox 2

Red Sox bullpen can’t hold off Giants

Red Sox reliever Brayan Villarreal gave up the game-winning run with a bases-loaded walk in the ninth inning.

By Peter Abraham

The Giants won on a bases-loaded walk in the ninth and, with the Rays beating the Orioles, the Red Sox dropped to second in the AL East.

Ryan Dempster will serve suspension now

Ryan Dempster could return Tuesday at Fenway Park against the Orioles.

By Peter Abraham

After being suspended 5 games for hitting Alex Rodriguez, Dempster said he would skip an appeal due to the best interests of the team.

Dan Shaughnessy

Ryan Dempster deserved to be suspended

Ryan Dempster drew a 5-game suspension from MLB for hitting Alex Rodriguez with a pitch on Sunday.

By Dan Shaughnessy

As much as everyone hates Alex Rodriguez, it’s not OK for pitchers to have diplomatic immunity when they throw at him.

G: Food

G cover

Your favorite fruit desserts

Plum cake.

By Debra Samuels

The recipe box project yields a host of summer treats: pies, crumbles, puddings — and the stories that go with them.

Recipe for no-bake blueberry glazed pie

The pie is formed in a baked crust with a layer of cream cheese on the bottom, topped with fresh blueberries, and finished with a blueberry pudding-like crown.

Recipe for summer fruit crisp

The nubby topping is spread over the fruit to create a sweet, crunchy crust-like cover.

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