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Scott Brown, seen in a photo from November 2012 when he was a US senator, will not run for governor of Massachusetts.

Scott Brown won’t run for governor

Brown’s decision to not run for governor effectively clears a path to the nomination for 2010 gubernatorial nominee Charles Baker.

“I did not ask for any money from outside groups,” said Connolly, a city councilor, who was harshly criticized by his opponents after the pledge was reported this week. “And I don’t want it.”

Connolly rejects $500,000 pledge from outside group

Mayoral candidate John Connolly said he does not want the money pledged to him earlier this week by an Oregon-based education nonprofit.

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Tamara Cofman Wittes and Amy Hawthorne

US should suspend funds to the Egyptian military

An Egyptian military tank was deployed in the northern Sinai town of Al-Arish on July 16.

By Tamara Cofman Wittes and Amy Hawthorne

President Obama should announce that aid will be set aside in a trust fund for a future democratic government.

Robert Satloff

In Egypt, US is better off doing nothing

By Robert Satloff

History shows that maintaining influence is the best of bad choices.

alex beam

A foolish attempt to purge Howard Zinn

The right wing has castigated the late historian Howard Zinn, but their criticisms are an overreach.


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Middlebrooks sparkles as Red Sox beat Giants

Will Middlebrooks had a  high-five for Stephen Drew after Drew hit a three-run homer in the seventh inning.

By Peter Abraham

Will Middlebrooks and Stephen Drew homered to back eight sharp innings by pitcher Felix Doubront.


Preseason practices as important as games

It hasn’t been easy to evaluate Tom Brady or Tim Tebow in the preseason, but Brady has been almost perfect while Tebow has been up in the air.

By Ben Volin

Tim Tebow had horrible stats against the Bucs, but there is far more to evaluating a player in the preseason than game performance.

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