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White House lays out case for Syria strike

Secretary of State John F. Kerry placed particular emphasis on the number of children who were victims.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry forcefully made the case that the Syrian government deliberately used poison gas to kill civilians.

// Obama team making case for Syrian strikes built careers on anti-war posture

Much of the president’s foreign policy team consists of people who have expressed misgivings about using military power.

Seamus Heaney taught for 20 years at Harvard.

Kevin Cullen

A life of engagement and wondrous words

Seamus Heaney dared to leave the bog; he made words a weapon of wonder and tolerance; he walked on air against his better judgment.

Mayoral candidates flock to Cape for money, support

Thought you could avoid campaign season by escaping to the beach? Not so fast.

Long CVS receipts spark social media sensation

More than 8,000 tweets, ranging from gentle ribbings to scathing reproaches, have been posted about the drug store chain’s receipts.