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Furlough pay would negate shutdown savings

The move to grant furloughed workers back pay highlights another peculiarity of the shutdown: sending all those workers home does not save money.

Patrick supports Westfield State funding freeze

Governor Patrick said there are “very, very serious concerns” about the spending of the university’s president, Evan Dobelle.

Richard Phillips said the sea captain’s life is his “normal.’’

A captain’s piracy saga comes to the screen

Captain Richard Phillips said his life is “normal,” even though his rescue from Somali pirates has been made into a movie starring Tom Hanks.

Donnie Wahlberg standing in Copley Square in the new FiOS commercial.

Wahlberg FiOS commercial missing one thing: FiOS in Boston

“This is New England, where people tell it straight,” says Boston-born TV star Donnie Wahlberg in a new commercial for FiOS, Verizon’s cable television and Internet service. “No phonies, no fakers, no shortcuts.”

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Jonathan Ramos attended a candlelight vigil last month marking the death of his cousin Jorge Fuentes.

Slaying galvanizes Episcopal Church

The death of Jorge Fuentes devastated the Episcopal Diocese in Mass., and it made gun violence a personal issue.

The Nation

Furlough pay would negate shutdown savings

The normally busy US Capitol rotunda was empty on Monday as the government shutdown entered a second week.

By Noah Bierman

The move to grant furloughed workers back pay highlights another peculiarity of the shutdown: sending all those workers home does not save money.

Justices decline hundreds of appeals

Antiabortion supporter Paige Cofield protested outside the Supreme Court Monday, the first day of the new term.

By Mark Sherman

The Supreme Court began its new term Monday by turning away hundreds of appeals, including Virginia’s bid to revive its antisodomy law.

Health law’s online glitches still widespread

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar

After emergency repairs over the weekend, consumers in different parts of the country Monday continued to report delays on

The World

Militants expand targets in Egypt, killing 9

Soldiers inspected a burned-out car at the site of a suicide bomb attack at police offices in el-Tor, in southern Sinai, Egypt.

By Sarah El Deeb

A string of attacks killed nine members of Egypt’s security and military forces and hit the country’s main satellite communications station.

Karzai blasts US, balks at signing security pact

By Patrick Quinn

Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai ruled out signing a security deal with the US until disagreements over sovereignty are resolved.

Bombs in Baghdad, other Iraq attacks kill 45

A string of attacks across Iraq killed at least 45 people as Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for suicide attacks in the Kurdish north.

Editorial & Opinion

Farah stockman

Club for Growth deserves part of blame for shutdown

By Farah Stockman

The ultrasconservative Club for Growth has played a role in seeing that uncompromising Republicans are elected to Congress.


Shuttering parks, sites, and services is a scare tactic

By Tom Keane

Closed parks and gray-screen government websites are superficial elements of the shutdown, but some aspects of it reach much deeper.


Starving MBTA will stunt Boston’s growth

By Paul McMorrow

As long as the T’s finances remain anemic, robust growth in Boston will be unsustainable.


Walsh plan would aid high schools

Martin J. Walsh and supporter Delia Baez of Jamaica Plain hugged after he released his plan outside English High.

By Joshua Miller

Mayoral candidate Martin J. Walsh made clear that he was not ceding the issue of education to his opponent, John R. Connolly.

Kevin Cullen

Last call for good old ways

The Quencher is one of the last blue-collar watering holes in Southie.

By Kevin Cullen

The question is not why The Quencher, one of the greatest bars in the world, is closing. The question is how, in yuppified Southie, it lasted this long.

Artist Paul Matisse, community save Charlestown Bells

Paul Matisse inspected a section of his reinstalled sculpture, the Charlestown Bells, at Paul Revere Park Sunday. The musical, interactive art piece had fallen into disrepair.

By Billy Baker

When weather and use silenced the Charlestown Bells, a can-do spirit made them ring again.

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Patrick supports Westfield State funding freeze

By Scott Allen and Andrea Estes

Firms battle for slot license

By Mark Arsenault

MBTA gets a new map

By Martine Powers


Suspect arrested in Hampton, N.H., slaying

By Melissa Hanson


Curt Schilling selling housewares

Curt Schilling with his wife, Shonda.

By Deirdre Fernandes

The sale at Schilling’s Medfield home on Saturday will be short on sports memorabilia.

Boston Capital

Hatsopoulos brothers powering tech company

By Steven Syre

John and George Hatsopoulos of Tecogen Inc. are chasing the same goal as those a quarter of their age: to grow a company around developing technology and take it public.

Bold light schemes transform cityscapes

Using light as a connective thread, Birmingham, Ala., turned underutilized structures — such as this railroad underpass — into safe passageways between districts and communities.

By Erin Ailworth

Philips Color Kinetics of Burlington, which transformed the Zakim Bridge and Empire State Building, has ignited an increased interest in light as public art.


Polly Logan, 88, state GOP’s grande dame

Mrs. Logan, a voice of moderation in the GOP, urged women to seek office.

By Bryan Marquard

Mrs. Logan’s namesake fund at the Center for Women in Politics & Public Policy at UMass Boston encourages women in politics.

Ovadia Yosef, 93, rabbi who was Israeli kingmaker

Yosef’s party represented Sephardic Jews.

Rabbi Yosef was the spiritual leader of Israel’s Sephardic Jews who transformed his community into a powerful force in Israeli politics.


rays 5, red sox 4

Rays walk off on Red Sox in Game 3

Jose Lobaton crossed paths with Koji Uehara after delivering a walkoff home run for the Rays.

By Peter Abraham

Koji Uehara allowed a game-winning home run in the ninth inning as the Red Sox missed a chance to sweep the division series.

Dan Shaughnessy

Hopefully just a hiccup for Red Sox

The Rays capitalized on mistakes by Clay Buchholz, left, and the Red Sox to claim a win in Game 3.

By Dan Shaughnessy

It was going to be a sweep. The Red Sox know the series should be over. But the loss in Game 3 probably will end up being a mere footnote.

Christopher L. Gasper

Doubts emerge around Koji Uehara now

Koji Uehara is  hunched over after the Rays’ Jose Lobaton hit a walkoff solo home run off him in the ninth inning.

By Christopher L. Gasper

The questions in the Red Sox bullpen weren’t supposed to be about Uehara, who seemed unhittable before surrendering Game 3 to Tampa.

G: Living

Kids book illustrators donate their art to healing

“We didn’t expect it to all take off like this,’’ says Susan McKendry of Brookline (with husband Joe), at Boston Children’s Hospital with a Mo Willems illustration for their online and outdoor benefit auction this month on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.

By Bella English

Moved by a desire to help after the Marathon bombings, dozens of artists have contributed their work to benefit Boston Children’s Hospital.

Frame by Frame

‘Old Man Playing Solitaire’ by Duane Hanson

By Sebastian Smee

The sculpture utterly overwhelms works around it. You don’t quite know what to do about it. Should you call someone? Approach it? Or just stand there, staring?

‘Kiss & Cry’ asks: Where did everyone go?

Co-creator Jaco Van Dormael says of the ballet of the hands, “We went back to a kind of storytelling that is childish in order to tell grown-up stories.”

By Patti Hartigan

“Kiss & Cry,” an interdisciplinary performance piece that combines dance, live film, and miniature sets, strives to create a new theatrical language.

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Earl Sweatshirt soars on the fly at Sinclair

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Boston-area to do list

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Love Letters: Doubt aroused by his lack of desire

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