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Congress still snarled with one day to go

With a deadline to avoid a potential default on the nation’s debts mere hours away, Congress on Tuesday tumbled back into a state of disarray.

David and Beth Henneberry, with the trailer for their new boat, in Watertown.

Yoon S. Byun/Globe Staff

Boat owner seeks to clarify record on Tsarnaev capture

David Henneberry said he’s “not crazy” and would never have approached his boat if he thought bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was inside.

John R. Connolly and Martin J. Walsh squared off in the first of three live televised debates in the race’s final weeks.

Essdras M Suarez/ Globe Staff

Connolly, Walsh show much in common in first debate

State Representative Martin J. Walsh and Councilor at Large John R. Connolly struggled to differentiate themselves Tuesday in Boston’s first major mayoral debate, as both men appeared hesitant and offered few concrete policy differences to make the case why they should succeed Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

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Public aid crucial to fast-food workers

More than half of fast food workers’ families nationwide rely on public assistance to get by — double the rate of the overall workforce.

The Nation

Congress still snarled with one day to go

House Speaker John Boehner spent the day trying to placate conservative members.

By Noah Bierman and Mattias Gugel

With a deadline to avoid a potential default on the nation’s debts mere hours away, Congress on Tuesday tumbled back into a state of disarray.

Supreme Court to review EPA emissions rule

Gina McCarthy, EPA chief, said the court will take up “a very narrow legal question.”

By Mark Sherman and Dina Cappiello

The question in the case is whether the EPA’s authority to regulate automobile emissions of greenhouses gases as air pollutants.

Former San Diego mayor pleads guilty to criminal charges

By Rob Davis and Adam Nagourney

Bob Filner pleaded guilty Tuesday to a series of false imprisonment and battery charges involving three women.

The World

Amid protests, lawyer calls off funeral for Nazi Priebke

Police tried to prevent protesters from attacking the hearse carrying the body of Erich Priebke on Tuesday.

By Nicole Winfield, Colleen Barry and Michele Barbero

Shouting ‘‘murderer’’ and ‘‘executioner,’’ hundreds of people jeered as Erich Priebke’s coffin arrived for the funeral Mass.

Iran proposes limiting its nuclear efforts

By Michael R. Gordon

Iran’s foreign minister outlined a proposal to constrain his country’s nuclear program in return for a right to enrich uranium and an easing of the sanctions.

Group makes plea to aid Syrians

Civilians in Deir al-Zor searched for victims under the rubble of a building that activists said was shelled by forces loyal to President Bashar Assad on Monday.


A general director of Doctors Without Borders called for greater access for humanitarian aid to Syrians suffering in their country’s civil war.

Editorial & Opinion

farah stockman

You need a license to dance in Boston

By Farah Stockman

Boston requires entertainment venues to secure a range of licenses and permits, including those that would allow dancing.


Edge to Connolly

John Connolly, left, and Martin Walsh met Tuesday in their first debate of the general election campaign.

By Scot Lehigh

John Connolly won Tuesday’s mayoral debate by highlighting Martin Walsh’s weaknesses.


The problem is the debt, not the debt ceiling

By Jeff Jacoby

The real threat to America’s national interest isn’t a debt ceiling that won’t go up. It’s a national debt that won’t stop going up.


news analysis

Walsh, Connolly fail to distinguish themselves

By Jim O’Sullivan

The moderator of the first head-to-head mayoral debate posed perhaps the most pressing question remaining: What is the difference between you two?

Clark, Addivinola to vie for Markey’s seat

Democrat Katherine Clark  greeted supporters at a celebration in Melrose after she won the primary vote in the Fifth Congressional District  Tuesday night.

By Joshua Miller

Democrat Katherine Clark and Republican Frank Addivinola Jr. will race to succeed Edward Markey in the US House of Representatives.

adrian walker

Give Dobelle the boot

By Adrian Walker

Westfield State University President Evan Dobelle, who nearly bankrupted the schools’ foundation, should be fired as soon as possible.

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Connolly, Walsh show much in common in first debate

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Three Brighton men plead not guilty to charges of dealing heroin

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Aaron Hernandez’s fiancée accused of destroying evidence

By Travis Andersen and John R. Ellement

Casino foe faces assault charges

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Changes to flood insurance mean higher costs

The new flood insurance rules are causing anxiety. In Marblehead, for example, the annual premium for Harborside Condominiums will soar, according to one condo owner there.

By Deirdre Fernandes

Coastal residents face dramatically higher insurance rates as the US rolls out new flood zone maps and cuts subsidies.

Shirley Leung

Emerging from the crowd

By Shirley Leung

The Alliance for Business Leadership wants everyone to know that the business community is not just about making a buck; it can also be socially responsible too.

Waltham laundry firm hits pay dirt

By Gail Waterhouse

A New York company will pay $524 million in cash to buy Mac-Gray Corp., which supplies coin or card operated washing machines and dryers.


Hans Riegel; tasted sweet success with gummi bears

Mr. Riegel, who was in charge of marketing and sales for Haribo, took inspiration from children’s comics.

By Geir Moulson

Mr. Riegel turned little gold bears into a global candy juggernaut.

Takashi Yanase, 94; created beloved cartoon character

Mr. Yanase’s Anpanman is a superhero with a head made of bread filled with red bean paste, a typical snack in Japan.

By Mari Yamaguchi

Mr. Yanase’s character, Anpanman, is a round-faced, smiley hero, clad in a red suit and long cape, who fights his archrival Baikinman, or a germ man.



Red Sox eke past Tigers for ALCS lead

David Ortiz lifted up closer Koji Uehara in celebration after the 1-0 win in Game 3.

By Peter Abraham

John Lackey had an outstanding start for the Red Sox and Mike Napoli hit the deciding home run in the 7th inning to take a 2-1 series lead.

For Tigers, effort is there, but wins aren’t

Omar Infante left a dejected Tigers dugout after the Game 3 loss.

By Bob Hohler

“I can’t believe it, it’s crazy,’’ Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter said of their superb starting pitching that is now in a 2-1 series deficit.

Red Sox bullpen stands strong

Miguel Cabrera struck out here in the 8th inning against Junichi Tazawa.

By Shira Springer

Craig Breslow, Junichi Tazawa, and closer Koji Uehara confounded the Tigers’ big-hitting lineup to secure the Game 3 win.

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G: Food

dining out

Devra First searches for the perfect bowl of ramen

Carolyn Hann, of Washington, D.C., with a bowl of spicy miso ramen at Sapporo Ramen inside the Porter Exchange in Cambridge.

By Devra First

With the weather getting colder, ramen season is upon us. Here is where to go in the Boston area to get the Japanese noodle soup.

Mushroom gatherers say wild is the original organic

Les Hook and Nova Kim sell their finds to local restaurants and also lead woods tours.

By Amy Augustine

Wild Gourmet Food sell their wares — about 65 pounds a day this time of year — to Vermont restaurants, at farmers’ markets, and in CSAs.

Recipe for chili pepper sauce

Wear rubber gloves when slicing chili peppers and take care not to your rub eyes or lips. You can tone down the heat here by using milder varieties.

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Recipe for apple snack cake

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‘Friends’ mixes the daunting with the doable

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America’s favorite Toll House cookies turn 75

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Pumpkin Pie Soda: A soda for the season

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Leaf-peepers and even Olympians welcome in Lake Placid, N.Y.

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Boston-area to do list

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His rift with kids dogs their marriage

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Quote of the day: Allen Shapiro

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Concert review

Pearl Jam rocks well into the night in Worcester

By Sarah Rodman