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Mass. gambling law quirk may repel high rollers

Industry insiders are raising concerns that the stringent reporting requirements will annoy slot players and destroy high-end play.

// New Salem plant a test case for Mass. climate law

The state’s approval of a plan to replace the coal-burning Salem Harbor Power Station with a gas-fueled plant is being challenged.

// Congress scrambles as coastal residents rail at insurance rates

Lawmakers from coastal states are banding together to reverse increases in federal flood insurance premiums mandated by a bill passed in 2012.

“At first it was fun to get messed up, and then I had to,” said Samantha Emerson, a 26-year-old single mother of two.


Heroin gains a deadly foothold in Vermont

Every day, Samantha Emerson fights the craving for opiates that led to her life under a leaking roof beside a trash-strewn yard. The 26-year-old mother of two has no job, cannot afford to fix her car, and faces eviction from a home where chaos is the rule.

Jonathan Goldsmith, “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” in the beer ads, lives quietly in Vermont. He fights for land mine removal.

‘Most Interesting Man’ takes land mine role

The Vermont actor who found fame as the Dos Equis ad star is hoping to leverage his notoriety in his fight for the removal of land mines.

The Nation

Congress scrambles as coastal residents rail at insurance rates

Doris Crary is a Scituate property owner who has been hit with increases in the insurance premiums on several of her homes, including the house with the widow’s walk.

By Kimberly Railey

Lawmakers from coastal states are banding together to reverse increases in federal flood insurance premiums mandated by a bill passed in 2012.

‘Most Interesting Man’ takes land mine role

Jonathan Goldsmith, “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” in the beer ads, lives quietly in Vermont. He fights for land mine removal.

By Bryan Bender

The Vermont actor who found fame as the Dos Equis ad star is hoping to leverage his notoriety in his fight for the removal of land mines.

West Virginia chemical accident alters little

By Trip Gabriel and Michael Wines

In the regulation-wary state, the chemical spill that left 300,000 without usable water for days will probably change nothing.

The World

Syrian rebel group to send team to talks

Rebel activists said regime helicopters dropped explosives in an Aleppo area Saturday.

By Sebnem Arsu and Ben Hubbard

The US and other international powers have pushed hard for the conference, set to begin Wednesday near Geneva.

Taliban say attack was retaliation for strike

An Afghan security official examined the scene of a suicide bombing in Kabul by the Taliban that killed 21 people.

By Azam Ahmed and Matthew Rosenberg

The Taliban said the attack on a popular Kabul cafe that killed 21 people was in retaliation for a coalition airstrike Wednesday.

Region boiling, Israel focuses on ‘keeping the castle’

By Jodi Rudoren

The mounting strength of extremist Sunni cells in Syria, Iraq, and beyond vowing to bring jihad to Jerusalem can hardly be ignored.

Editorial & Opinion

Derrick Z. Jackson

New leaders have big plans for two Boston community colleges

Roxbury Community College President Valerie Roberson has been at the helm since May.

By Derrick Z. Jackson

The spirit of hating to lose as well as the ability to see life from many angles are precisely what Roxbury Community College and Bunker Hill Community College need.


Clinton deserves Christie-level scrutiny

Then-US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Benghazi during a hearing on Capitol Hill on Jan. 23.

By Joan Vennochi

Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi attack deserve the same level of attention being given to New Jersey’s Chris Christie and the traffic scandal.

Lawrence Harmon

Renovations and dreams on Quincy Street

By Lawrence Harmon

The redevelopment of the Pearl Meats factory and the creation or preservation of more than 129 homes nearby offers a lesson in how Boston has been successful at fighting urban blight.


Heroin gains a deadly foothold in Vermont

“At first it was fun to get messed up, and then I had to,” said Samantha Emerson, a 26-year-old single mother of two.

By Brian MacQuarrie

A flood of cheap heroin has thrust the state into an addiction crisis, a grave threat to younger residents and to a way of life.

Mass. gambling law quirk may repel high rollers

By Mark Arsenault

Industry insiders are raising concerns that the stringent reporting requirements will annoy slot players and destroy high-end play.

Caught up between new, old Southie

Maureen Dahill ran for state Senate hoping to unite her neighborhood — and became a deeply divisive figure as a result.

By Billy Baker

Maureen Dahill’s story has become a striking symbol of the growing pains of a neighborhood struggling to maintain its traditions in the face of gentrification.

Money & Careers

New Salem plant a test case for Mass. climate law

Peter Furniss is the CEO of Footprint Power, which plans to replace the coal-burning Salem Harbor Power Station with a cleaner, gas-fueled plant.

By Erin Ailworth

The state’s approval of a plan to replace the coal-burning Salem Harbor Power Station with a gas-fueled plant is being challenged.

Political issues loom large for businesses in 2014

Though an extensive overhaul of the system is unlikely, business groups say they support compromise measures to make it easier for companies to recruit and retain foreign workers with vital technical skills.

By Jay Fitzgerald

Wage and immigration rules are among some of the major issues that economists and business leaders will closely monitor this year.

Innovation Economy

What some local companies have to offer

Boston parking tickets can now be paid with an app, TicketZen.

By Scott Kirsner

Scott Kirsner has been on a testing binge lately, checking out new products and services with local ties.

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Back-to-back meetings put participants in bind

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How to manage work and family expectations

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Tudor home on 3 acres with in-law unit

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To stop chimney odor, reverse the downdraft

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Boston real estate now | Scott Van Voorhis

Struggling to keep up with housing demand

By Scott Van Voorhis

Of Mutual Interest

It takes more to diversify than investing abroad

By Stan Choe

Market Movers

J.C. Penney to close 33 stores, slash jobs

By Amrita Jayakumar


Scouting Report

Patriots’ keys to a victory over Broncos

Tom Brady and the Patriots are one win away from another Super Bowl appearance.

By Jim McBride

A position-by-position breakdown of Sunday’s game, with a look at who has the edge — Patriots or Broncos — in each area.

Leigh Montville

Game may be bigger, but job is the same

By Leigh Montville

DO YOUR JOB. That is the only inspirational thought that is necessary for the Patriots at this top end of the game.

on second thought

Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman in NFL despite deafness

Derrick Coleman, a fullback for the Seattle Seahawks, is legally deaf.

By Kevin Paul Dupont

Coleman is getting a load of attention these days, not because of his ability, but rather his disability.

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AFC title game worthy of superlatives

By Dan Shaughnessy

Patriots notebook

Aaron Dobson, Kenbrell Thompkins make the trip

By Shalise Manza Young and Michael Whitmer

NFC Championship game

Harbaugh, Carroll preside over NFL’s most heated rivalry

By John Branch

sunday football notes

NFL conference title games may be among best

By Ben Volin

Sunday Baseball Notes

Expert predicts A-Rod will swing, miss on appeal

By Nick Cafardo

Sunday Hockey Notes

Chris Nilan still putting up a good fight

By Fluto Shinzawa

sunday basketball notes

Rockets’ Dwight Howard returns to All-Star form

By Gary Washburn

Australian Open

Serena Williams falls to Ana Ivanovic

By John Pye

Bruins notebook

Bruins play Blackhawks for first time since Cup Final

By Amalie Benjamin

North Carolina 82, Boston College 71

BC shows its frustration in defeat

By Michael Vega

Boston College 7, Maine 2

BC cruises to a victory over Maine

By Nancy Marrapese-Burrell

UMass 84, Elon 74

UMass extends winning streak to 6

By Bob Sutton

mstca division 4 indoor relays

Randolph boys, Pembroke girls capture titles

By Jake Fischer


If urban farming took off, what would Boston look like?

By Leon Neyfakh

A new ordinance makes it legal, even easy, to start a farm in the city. Here’s what the future could hold.

108 terrorist memoirs, analyzed

Salah Mesbah Khalaf, known as Abu Iyad (left) with Yasser Arafat in Paris in 1990.

By Jacob Shapiro

Yes, terrorists write autobiographies — and when they do, they can accidentally reveal some weaknesses of their enterprise.


How blind people see race

By Francie Latour

Osagie K. Obasogie set out to find out what “race” means to people who’ve never been able to see skin color.

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Uncommon Knowledge

Nap your way to excellence

By Kevin Lewis


How do you say ‘bum deal’ in Japanese?

By Kevin Hartnett


Harry Wasserman, 93; Lexington professor’s art illuminated science

Harry Wasserman’s watercolors were shown in Wellfleet.

By Bryan Marquard

Mr. Wasserman began his studies at MIT at 16 and stepped onto an academic path that led to Harvard, Yale, and life as a science professor.

Sheila Guyse, 88; singer acted in films and musicals

Sheila Guyse played an overlooked girl-next-door in “Sepia Cinderella” (1947).

By William Yardley

The popular actress and singer appeared on Broadway and in so-called race movies in the 1940s and 1950s.

Jose Sulaiman, 82; boxing promoter

Jose Sulaiman (left) attended a boxing convention in December 2012.

By Carlos Rodriguez

Mr. Sulaiman was the longtime head of the World Boxing Council and also promoted renowned fighters.

Sunday Arts

Wahlbergs serve up reality TV

From left: Mark, Paul, and Donnie Wahlberg.

By Mark Shanahan

The new reality series “Wahlburgers” aims to capture some of the Dorchester family’s spark while focusing on the family burger joint.

Shostakovich as diarist, in tribute to Bach


By Jeremy Eichler

A look inside Dmitri Shostakovich’s magisterial keyboard cycle, the 24 Preludes and Fugues.

Renzo Piano provides deft touch at Kimbell

Renzo Piano at the Kimbell Art Museum.

By Sebastian Smee

Piano, well known for the new Gardner Museum expansion, completed a new building for the Kimbell Art Museum, designed by Louis Kahn.

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Wrap (dress) party

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A Shake Shack for Harvard Square

By Devra First

Critic’s picks: Dance

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Music Review

A soaring return from Neutral Milk Hotel

By Matt Parish


Alvin Ailey dancers strut their stuff in Dorchester

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


Steve Wozniak stops by Lesley University

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


Helen Mirren is Hasty Pudding woman of year

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


Kobe Bryant surprises BC marketing class

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein


Johnny Depp back in Bulger biopic ‘Black Mass’?

By Mark Shanahan and Meredith Goldstein

Book review

‘Famous Writers I Have Known’ by James Magnuson

By Eugenia Williamson

Starts fresh writing, reading every Jan.

Bibliophiles: Isabel Allende, writer


book review

‘Jonathan Swift’ by Leo Damrosch

By Laura Collins-Hughes

book review

‘Flyover Lives’ by Diane Johnson

By Mameve Medwed

the story behind the book

Tackling football in ‘Collision’ by Nicholas Dawidoff

By Kate Tuttle

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‘How I Discovered Poetry’ by Marilyn Nelson

By Jan Gardner

seven books about . . .

The MLK legacy

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Local bestsellers

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Critic’s picks: Visual art

By Sebastian Smee


ElBulli team runs four restaurants

The world’s top-ranked restaurant, elBulli, closed, but its legacy lives on in Barcelona, in places like 41° Experience.

By Denise Drower Swidey

The head-spinning creativity that defined elBulli lives on, except you no longer have to leave Barcelona to experience it.

El Celler de Can Roca is the new biggest get

Jordi Roca, pastry chef and co-owner of El Celler de Can Roca.

By Denise Drower Swidey

The restaurant in Girona — 70 miles northeast of Barcelona — was named the world’s best on the annual San Pellegrino list.

Gaudí stamped style on Barcelona

Casa Batlló.

By Denise Drower Swidey

Start your sightseeing with these landmarks.

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Lighter carry-ons help take a load off

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Know & Go

10 strategies for packing light

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Riding the ski train to Wachusett

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L.L. Bean courses to compression socks

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Finding a Cape Cod escape

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Treat your senses to Sicilian traditions

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Shop till you drop in China

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The Tip

Check payment method before you go

By Brian Irwin



Locking up kids for life?

By Nancy Gertner

A new court decision takes a step toward juvenile justice reform.

First Person

A business of her own

Sudbury native and digital pro Heidi Lehmann, whose breakout came in 2007 when AOL bought the Boston-based startup she cofounded, is pushing a reality show for female entrepreneurs.


Distracted driving: How dangerous is it?

Distracted driving: How dangerous is it?

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Big wow for $100 or less

By Rachel Raczka

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Coffee cabinet

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Hitting the slopes


Food as love

By Paul Schmidtberger

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Good etiquette to a ‘T’

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Globe North

Historic church says goodbye to its spiritual leader

The ministerial staff of Calvary Baptist Church in Haverhill lays on hands and prays for the Rev. Gregory E. Thomas and his wife, Janie.

By Clennon L. King

Some things you cannot forget. For the Rev. Dr. Gregory E. Thomas, it was seeing his father kneel and pray aloud at night before going to bed.

Cities ask for casino funding

A conceptual design of the proposed casino development by Mohegan Sun in Revere.

By Kathy McCabe

Eight cities and towns have filed petitions with the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to be named a surrounding community to $1 billion gambling resorts.


Vote set on sites to host clinics

By John Laidler

Danvers would allow medical marijuana facilities in two office parks under a proposal set to come before a Special Town Meeting next month.

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Who taught you to drive?

Answers to some riddles of the road

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High School Basketball

Tight defense sparks Lynn English

By Joseph Saade


Everett mourns a football icon

By Anthony Gulizia

Beloved coach remembered

By Joseph Saade

Dining Out

A delightful find, small but savory

By Kathy Shiels Tully


Recycling plan to go before Town Meeting

By John Laidler


Veteran donates WWII log to library

By Kathy McCabe


New leadership for City Council

By Kathy McCabe


Veterans commission meets Tuesday

By Kathy McCabe


Two fire engines are out of service

By John Laidler


Department mourns loss of police dog

By John Laidler


Business Exposition slated for Feb. 13

By Brenda J. Buote


Annual census is underway

By John Laidler


Polar Plunge slated for Feb. 2

By Steven A. Rosenberg


Online auction to benefit Pingree School

By David Rattigan


Lynch’s departure date in question

By Karen Sackowitz


Police Department launches Facebook page

By Brenda J. Buote


Hall resigns from Cultural Council

By Steven A. Rosenberg


City’s big legal bills at issue

By Karen Sackowitz


Nomination papers available for town election

By David Rattigan


Youth council receives $2,000 grant

By Brenda J. Buote

North Andover

Merchants Association donates to Knights of Columbus

By Brenda J. Buote

Globe South

For most on town boards, it’s not for the money

Braintree Town Council members, above at a session earlier this month, are paid $5,000 a year.

By Katheleen Conti

A member of two of Braintree’s most demanding committees, Dan Clifford attends between 80 and 90 meetings a year on top of bimonthly council meetings.

For budding CEOs, the pitch is perfected

Kaili Kellam from the Joseph P. Keefe Techanical school gets a round of applause for having the winning pitch

By Jaclyn Reiss

Kaili Kellam stood tall in her oxford shirt and black stilettos, looking coolly over an audience of 20 fellow teenagers in a Babson College classroom.


Developer pushes for new deal

By Emily Sweeney

Starwood Land Ventures is getting closer to filing legislation that could change the pace of development of SouthField.

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Land sales at SouthField

By Emily Sweeney

Beverly Beckham

For some, civility goes missing

By Beverly Beckham

Dining Out

This fare will put ‘Stars’ in your eyes

By Ellen Albanese


Autism group thankful for Flutie Foundation

By Paul E. Kandarian

East Bridgewater

State may aid boiler project

By Rich Fahey


Plans advance for Landing restaurant

By Dan Adams


New town manager goes the extra mile

By Johanna Seltz


New restaurant downtown

By Johanna Seltz


Snow and ice spending

By John Laidler


Drunk driving down in December

By Jessica Bartlett


New town clerk

By Rich Fahey


School regionalization panel proposed

By Jennette Barnes


Consultant encourages more municipal space

By Juliet Pennington


Celebrating diversity on MLK Day

By Johanna Seltz


School vote at Meeting Saturday

By John Laidler


Town applies for housing loan program

By Elaine Cushman Carroll


Census, dog license season

By John Laidler


Parents oppose redistricting plans

By Jennette Barnes


Election papers available Tuesday

By Jennette Barnes


Forbes House Museum celebrates 50 years

By Jessica Bartlett

West Bridgewater

Selectmen suspend pub’s license

By Rich Fahey


Spots still remaining for fund-raiser

By Juliet Pennington


Annie Maxim House donates to town

By Paul Kandarian


School roofs focus of vote

By John Laidler


Town clerk ready to retire

By Paul Kandarian


Town seeks volunteers

By Elaine Cushman Carroll


Rental truck sparks road rage

By Dave Eisenstadter


Downtown developer lawsuit dismissed

By Jessica Bartlett


State grant for electric cars

By Jessica Bartlett


Slots agreement reached

By Jennette Barnes


New owners and name for strip mall

By Emily Sweeney


Grant for dam repair

By Emily Sweeney


Repairs for Shepherd’s Pond Dam

By Dave Eisenstadter


Council boosts OT money for Fire Department

By Michele Morgan Bolton


New rules for cemeteries

By Michele Morgan Bolton


Highlights of town government

By Michele Morgan Bolton


Students and teachers attend Sam Berns funeral

By Michele Morgan Bolton


Bond rating upgraded

By Jean Lang


Two die from apparent overdoses

By Robert Knox


Club plans father-daughter dance

By Rachel Lebeaux


Hospital receives $500,000 grant

By Ellen Ishkanian

Globe West

Handing off the reservoirs

Ann Dickson stood in her back yard which overlooks the Brackett Reservoir in Framingham

By John Dyer

Framingham State’s effort to acquire state-owned shorelines holds promise for campus offerings, but neighbors are worried.

Blood Farm owners looking to rebuild

Dick Blood looks at the damage after a fire destroyed the processing building at Blood Farm, a slaughterhouse in Groton. Blood is the son of owner Barney Blood

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts

The owners of Groton’s Blood Farm plan to rebuild after a fire destroyed the historic slaughterhouse last month.

Concord panels propose tighter dog-leash rules

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts

A public information session to discuss proposed changes to Concord’s dog-control bylaw will be held this week at the Hunt Gymnasium.

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Lincoln, Sudbury

Pioneering athletic director set to retire

By Lenny Megliola

High School Basketball

For Cohasset, old school the path to success

By Jacob Feldman

High school Basketball

Belmont’s dervish has team spinning wins

By Phil Perry


Arlington home on This Old House

By Cindy Cantrell


Share complaints over Logan noise

By Emily Cataneo


Day of Service to honor MLK’s legacy

By Emily Cataneo


Comment on land-use planning

By Emily Cataneo


New senior citizen housing available

By Jaclyn Reiss


Register by Tuesday for spelling bee

By Jaclyn Reiss


Grant to support fire safety classes

By Jaclyn Reiss


MLK event at Spellman Museum

By Andrew Clark


Survival tips for high school parents

By Jaclyn Reiss


Time to propose Town Meeting articles

By Rachel Lebeaux


Network has openings in play groups

By Rachel Lebeaux


Opening on Conservation Commission

By Jennifer Roach


‘Chronicle’ reporter to discuss book

By Jennifer Roach


Run for office this spring

By Calvin Hennick


Museum celebrating Ben’s birthday Sunday

By Rachel Lebeaux


Lego club meets at library Wednesday

By Rachel Lebeaux


Architect reexamining Town Hall plans

By Davis Bushnell


Sign up for softball, baseball teams

By Rachel Lebeaux


Volunteers needed for town boards

By Davis Bushnell


Survey to help shape town’s future

By Ellen Ishkanian


More homeless families placed in hotels

By Calvin Hennick


Needle-felting lesson at library

By Abby Jordan


Deadlines for census, dog licenses

By Ellen Ishkanian


Top administrator has goals for year

By Calvin Hennick


Hogan cites aid to small businesses

By Matt Gunderson


Author Tougias to speak at library Jan. 28

By Ellen Ishkanian


Pizza, movie for kids Friday night

By Abby Jordan


Students to give test a trial run

By Matt Gunderson


Three openings on zoning board

By Matt Gunderson


Take a hike with land trust today

By Jennifer Roach


Board fills vacancies, weighs future options

By Nancy Shohet West


Library seeks artists for gallery shows

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


WinterFest returning to Steele Farm

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


Forum to explore town’s goals

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


Register by Friday for Town Meeting

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


Discuss Goff property on Saturday

By Nancy Shohet West


Nine candidates on town ballot

By Nancy Shohet West


Sketching Thoreau’s vision in words, images

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


Knights to host youth free-throw contest

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


Celebrate Chinese New Year on Saturday

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


Apply for help with home repairs

By Jennifer Fenn Lefferts


Coffeehouse lines up bluegrass band

By Matt Gunderson