From the archives | June 25

Babe Ruth hits first home run while beating New York

Convinces Slim Ray Caldwell that he is not the only home run pitcher in the game

There was a real base ball outing at Fenway Park yesterday afternoon, the affair closing with a victory for the Red Sox over the New York Highlanders by a score of 9 to 5.

There were several brilliant fielding stunts and timely drives on both sides, but the real hit of the game was made by Babe Ruth in the second inning when, with two on, he drove the ball over the fence in front of the bleachers in right center, the second hit of the kind ever turned in at Fenway Park.

Frank Schulte of the Chicago Cubs turned the same trick on his last visit to this city. The drive by Ruth sent the ball high over the fence into the seats, and was thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd.


After Caldwell was taken out in the fourth inning, Smiling Bill Donovan, the manager of the New York team, pitched the remainder of the game and held the Red Sox to one run in the last five innings, showing that he is still able to pitch a first-class game.

Ruth was not as effective as a pitcher as he was with the stick, for he was wild and hit very hard, and the longer he went the worse he grew until the fans were very much pleased to think the game was over.