Food trucks: Is the Michelin Guide next?

Boston foodies may not be as naturally competitive as, say, the city’s passionate sports fans. But Boston’s fledgling food truck culture, flush with dozens of newly opened trucks at newly designated sites, has given them every right to brag. While there isn’t a victory parade in the works, there ought to be.

Take it from the godfathers of the food truck craze, Morris Appel and Josh Hiller. As the energy behind one of Los Angeles’ first food trucks - and, subsequently, over 200 more - Appel and Hiller know a good food truck scene when they see it. And that’s exactly how they described Boston on a trip to the city last month. While noshing on food from trucks parked on the Greenway and next to City Hall, Appel and Hiller applauded Boston for getting its updated regulations right: allowing just the right number of trucks to be clustered in one area and emphasizing smaller trucks, which are easier to park on busy streets. It seemed to be enough to leave Appel and Hiller feeling a bit envious.

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