Jogger John Canty, 68, of Webster. Said Canty: “These snowflakes invigorate me. Makes me feel like a new man. It reminds me how lucky I’ve been this year not having major snowstorms. This is just a reminder of what could have been. ... I run for the cardio, to keep my weight down and because it makes me feel stronger. I’ve done 10 Boston Marathons. This is just a fabulous year for an athlete. I think this will be a record breaking year at the Boston Marathon as far as times go because you’re able to train constantly through the winter as compared to years past where we weren’t able to run because of the snow and ice. ... In my young tender I don’t remember anything like this. This is the best winter ever. I’m up at 4 in the morning and I do two miles then. Then I come back and do the rest in the afternoon. It just makes me feel a lot better. A few years ago I was attacked by a couple of German Sheperd’s on this road, right over there as a matter of fact, but I got away.”