Bryce LaPlante, 14, of the Springfield Sliders, finds himself         in an awkward position during a Junior Sled Hockey scrimmage at         Amelia Park Ice Arena in Westfield (LaPlante, who has cerebral         palsy, is skating on his own for the first time this season),         Dec. 5, 2011 “I was trying to go after the puck and I fell. I’m         like a turtle because of the way I’m lying and trying to get up.         My dad wants me to try and get up on my own. One side I can do         it and the other side I can’t. I tried my best but I couldn’t.         It was nothing. I’ve been playing since I was 8. I know what I         can do. I know that I’m strong enough to get myself off the         ground. am a good player. I need to work on my focus. When I         started playing, I couldn’t push myself but now in the         tournament my dad wants me to push myself. It’s getting me tired         out. But now that I have him off my neck, I can focus. It feels         like I’m strong enough to push myself and get after the puck. I         like to play offense. It was funny, I scored a goal against the         Pee Wee team on Tuesday in a scrimmage. I think I’m like         Chara.’’