Boston College wide receiver Colin Larmond Jr. carries a         baseball bat onto the field during pregame introductions at         Alumni Stadium, Nov. 12, 2011—‘‘Well, it all started in the         Friday night meeting with the players. The captains speak to the         team and then the other players, if they have something to say,         can talk. [Offensive lineman] Bryan Davis was telling us that         before he left to go to school, he gave hismoma baseball bat and         said, ‘If anyone tries to break into the house, use the baseball         bat and swing.’ He related it to how on Saturday we’re playing a         game—the last home game and senior day against the [North         Carolina State] Wolfpack. He said, ‘You know the wolves are         going to come into our house and attack in packs and what were         we going to do to keep them out?’ He had that baseball bat and         he said, ‘Seniors, you better go out swinging,’ and he gave me         the bat. So I just ran out on the field with the bat and we did         come out swinging, so I guess that’s our newlittle bat now. I         want to say it’s a Louisville Slugger . . . Oh, and that Mama’s         Boy on the towel, that’s because I grewup with mymom[in         Morristown, N.J.], who was a single mother, so I’mnot afraid to         say I am a mama’s boy.’’