Vita Zus Burwell of Yoga Unbound volunteers to teach yoga to         demonstrators at Occupy Boston in Dewey Square on Nov. 7, 2011.         Said Zus Burwell, “I was thinking that there has to be a way to         make the slogan, ‘Yoga changes lives,’ true and real. Sleeping         in tight quarters of a tent in all weather conditions with a low         priority on exercise is just as detrimental as being chained to         an office desk or a car. Yoga allows you to engage your         underused muscles and joints, making the body stronger and         immune system healthier. For occupiers, there’s a lot of         different messages floating around the camp. Yoga allows you to         take the time to calm down, get away from all the mental         stimulus, breathe, and think about why this movement matters to         you. I’m doing it free because it should be free. You can be         creative and share it with people who will benefit from it most.         I’m really grateful for the time they take to support democracy         for the rest of us. Stay true to what matters to you. One breath         at a time, and it’s going to do magic for you. Just take a few         breaths and it becomes a meditation in motion, your mind         relaxes.’’